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Wanting to gain winter bulk

I want to gain some winter bulk. Besides a good diet plan. Anything else short of steriods (illegal kind) can I take to help me add on the pounds and strength. Thanks guys

legal steroids

You are probably going to hear this a thousand times, but go for Mag-10!

I am going to do the same thing in November. I don’t know what your training is like or has been, but hopefully your new. Just eat big and lift big. The only reason I would take mag 10 or 4 adec is if you are not making gains.

Yep, I’ve got a bulking cycle planned for the late fall. I always eat clean, I just eat more clean more often when bulking. Just use your head on this one. I would suggest Massive Eating protocol w/ the occasional cheat if desired. A good way to put on bulk is to fight a bear out of it’s cave and then hibernate in his stead all winter. If and when you do wake up, gorge yourself and return to sleeping and/or nursing your cubs. Beware of traps laid out for you but you may steal as many pic-inic baskets as you so choose. Lata.

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Tatsuo, have you used the Mag-10? If so would you mind sharing what your gains were?? BTW, where did you get the name Tatsuo? Not from Isshin Ryu perchance?

Thought about lifting weights and eating a lot?

lmao MBE :smiley: