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Wanting to Do My First Test E Cycle at 44

I am 44 yrs old and would like to do my first cycle of test e ! 15% bf 220 pounds weight training 7 yrs diet is clean ! what dose is best

500 mg per week of Test C, have an AI on hand, go 8-12 weeks, have Nolva for PCT.

What’d I miss?

Oh yeah, get base line blood tests to start, then at 4-6 weeks to make sure your gear is real and to check your E2.

Start a log.


You recomended tedt c how come !

test C has a longer ester meaning the half life is longer i use it for TRT which im on for the rest of my life. Test is test and in my eyes test is the best there is nothing wrong with ethanate. i guess the question for you is how much do you have? this will be the deciding factor on how you will dose it and yes get Arimidex you will need it.

Thanks you say how much do I have as in natural test or supply ! I was told I can use nolvadex each day instead of arimedex which would be best prevention also question on colestral will that be a problem at 44

Test C and Test E are pretty much the same thing. Test P would not be a good choice in my opinion because the shorter ester requires more frequent injections and Test P has more PIP in my experience.

I don’t think cholesterol is an issue with injectables, but I might be wrong.

Nolva and Adex are different - Nolva is a suppressant while Adex is an inhibitor. I know many advocate either, some prefer Adex, others Nolva, but many also say you don’t need either on a Test cycle of 500 mg per week.

However, everyone is different, so you have to figure out what works best for you. Having one or the other on hand however is important in case you start getting gyno.

I’m not clear on this, but I think if you choose to use Nolva you should run it from the start. If you want to go without E2 management to start, Adex might be better at stopping E2.

However, I’m not at all clear on this. Most people recommend having Adex on hand but others just recommend running Nolva daily.

your supply? arimi and nolva are like the same your going to just have to watch your body and how you feel but atleast once a week would not hurt at all. pin in the morning and frequent small dosages it will follow the natural rhythm of your body thus fewer potential side affects. the idea is to keep your bodily functions balanced and consistent to better aid in estrogen control.

Humbly disagree. Adex is an inhibitor, Nolva is a serm. It’s a subtle difference, one that I don’t comprehend, but there is a difference.

Taking one or the other just to be preventative can crash your E2, which isn’t pretty.


Go with the flow sort of thing ! How much is small frequent doses x1 week ! can I step it up after blood tests in 4 weeks if ok ! just thinking of getting the most out of the 12 weeks, eating lots and training hard is no problem for me !

Small frequent doses with test p would be like daily 100mg shots

well im sure youve hear it all before everyone is different and this is your body so take what i say with a grain of salt and still do your research. with test E 250mg id start with 1/2 ml every 4-5 days depending how your feeling it dosnt seem like much but trust me if its legit you will know like i said you want to keep the test level consistent no ups and downs. iv been on cycles taking 250mg EOD of test cyp seems crazy but its my body and i know what it can do.

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yea iv done it if not more than that

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Cheers for your coments I carnt wait to start it

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