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Wanting to Change in January...


I'll try to keep this brief. I'm brand new to the forums and T-Nation itself, nice to meet you. Like a true newbie I've come here for help, so thank you to anyone who reads this over and offers their advice.

I've had an on-and-off relationship with fitness training for a few years, and while I've passed by T-Nation in name I've never stopped to look over it in detail. I'm pretty inspired by the varied goals and nuances of training discussed here, but in a sense that's also my problem. I've been training half-heartedly for far too long, only partially committing myself and jumping from one fleeting interest to the next, whether it be powerlifting, bodybuilding, combat sports. Whatever held my attention at the time.

As you can imagine I haven't got very far with any of these pursuits. Lack of discipline and focus has left me with a scrap or two of unapplied knowledge and a mediocre body. I'd like to flatter myself and say I'm well-acquainted with the basics of strength training (eat more, lift heavy) and its exercises (deadlifts, squats, bench, some Olympic lifts) but the truth is I simply haven't stuck to a programme, and my 'whatever I like whenever I like it' diet isn't working out either.

I've decided, then, that in January I'll turn this around and become what I've always imagined my future self to be: more athletic, disciplined, healthy, stronger. I stand at 5'10 and weigh around 170lbs. What I want is a good all-round strength training programme, to gain weight and hopefully have the choice to 'specialise' more some way down the line. Which led me here, hoping for guidance. Links, routines, diets, etc. are all appreciated. What can you recommend me?


Look into Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 it's simple and everything is laid out, and why not start tomorrow? Why January?



In January, it will be just as hard as tomorrow.


It sounds like a lame New Year's resolution, I know. The practical reasons are more to do with how I'm relocating right now, along with a pretty big job change lined up at the beginning of next year. I figure a few months to get together equipment and supplements/scope some new gyms/read up more on training and dieting will put me in a good position to start without any distractions or excuses. Hopefully by the time I'm up and running the routine will be a part of my life as much as any other.

It also helps that all of the holidays are over, of course.


While it sounds like you are legit busy, you also sound like you will legit fail.

Either want it, and fit it in now, or spend the rest of your life planning but never doing.

You would be better of spending 45 mins 3-4 days a week in the gym NOW and then get "ultra focused" in january, than waiting to do anything until Jan. You don't need supplements, you don't need shit but food, water, weights & sleep.

Get a weeks pass at teh gym closest to your house. Don't dick around looking for the 'perfect' place. as long as it has free weights and a water fountain it is perfect for you. I don't care if the place has heat or not.

Use the weeks pass. then do the same shit when you move. Go for closeness over anything else.

IF, and I mean IF you are still going 3-4 times or more a week in january, THEN worry about buying equipment or supps.

Getting off your ass, grabbing your ball sack and affirming it's contents is going to be more satisfying than anything else.

See you in 2011.


I fucking love beansss.


^ This.


None of those sound like reasons you can't be in a gym for 45 minutes a day, 4 days a week right now. We're not talking a 2nd job here.


I've just checked over the replies, and you're all right. If I don't start now, I'll just give myself an excuse to back out whenever I feel things are crossing the 'too busy' threshold (which happens alot for me). There's a gym not 20 minutes from me where I am. I'll be taking up Wendler's 5/3/1 and eating an extra meal in the day. It's a small step forward, but I can't afford to keep putting it off.

Who knows, I may be back showing progress in 6 months. Thanks, all.