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Wanting to break into the pro wrestling business

Hello. Long time reader, rare poster. I was wondering if anyone had some advice on breaking into this business. What I’m looking for is if anyone has met or know some wrestlers well, and what to stay away from.

I am very familiar with the drug problems and such of the business, but I am going to stay clean and make it last.

I’ve met and know lots of pro wrestlers.
What to stay away from if you want to avoid the pitfalls? let’s see…hmm…
the entire business.

Dito to what FFL said.

Read Mick Foley’s book if you have not already. Make sure you get a degree or a good skill to fall back on. Find a good pro-wrestling school and wrestle because you love it and hopefully the money will come.

Read Foley’s book 4 years ago; in fact, him and Raven are my all time favorite wrestlers.

As for the education, I’m getting my BS in Exercise Science this spring.

I attended a pro wrestling “school” for a few months a couple years ago. I did it mostly for fun. My advise, make sure you trainer is repuptiable. Mine was a complete idiot. I later learned that he had me doing advanced moves on my first friggin day. He knew i was a good football player, and he wanted to “show me how real pro wrestling really is” Whatever.
I agree with others, read Foley’s book. It is a seedy industry with very little money at first, a high potenital for injury, and you need a whole lot of luck.

What state are you in Joey?
There maybe a pro wrestler on this site that can help…hmmmm?

I PM’ed Joey yesterday. I speak from experience. I was a pro wrestler since 1994 (If the name didnt give it away).
I started training when I was 16 and met some good people but got tired of waiting for a big break that may never come.
I saw people much older than myself that were still waiting for the day they get called into the big show while working minimum wage jobs (one guy I know mops jizz at a peep show, no joke) to support their dream.
It’s a great business to be in with the right attitude though.
Wrestle because you love it and not because you have dreams of being a superstar and you’ll be fine.

I’ve been doing some pro wrestling on and off for the last few years, go ahead an PM me with your questions/concerns.

SImply the best, Sonny S

There was a WCW wrestling camp in Jonesboro, GA that had open tryouts once a month.

I know many personally…and some things in common between all of them 1) most happened into it 2) they wouldn’t do it again 3) they are just waiting to have enough money to quit

Like I said I know 4 of them very well and know allot about the sport. its far worse than any other as far as scandalls and crooked dealings from the management…stay away if at all possible but if not good luck!