Wanting my Surge

I wanted to know if anyone who has preordered surge, or ordered surge, has recieved it yet?

I got mine, and they weren’t kidding about the taste, damn they’re good.

I ordered mine from biotest’s distributer in Canada (Renegade) and have yet to recieve it.

Just got mine today. Getting ready to workout now. it smells pretty good. I’ll post later if I can get off the ground after the insulin surge hits me.

i got mine yesterday, look forward to using it today.

Dam, you got yours! Im in PA. havent gotten mine yet, and they havent even charged my cc# yet.
I cant wait much more for it!

Just got mine and I only ordered it 3 days ago! I’m in Minneapolis.

For those that have tried it, what would you describe the flavor as?

Spoke too soon…JUST GOT THE Fedex package today. It was sent out promptly on Monday and arrived a day earlier than expected. Great news since tonight is my lower body workout day. I ordered two SURGE bottles and got 1 for free AND a surprise free, very cool dark blue XL t-shirt for free. I’m 186 lbs, and usually use L, so it better shrink a bit in the wash or this Surge better make me grow into it!

Great service, you guys have nothing to worry about, be glad they seem to be late on charging the Credit Cards (or at least having the transactions post–they might be using manual credit card slips).

Still haven’t got mine! I pre-ordered back on march 16. Seems like I’m always the last to get everything out here in Long Island, NY. It should be here any day though.

Dan, im in the same boat as you, I pre ordered mine the day they started taking pre orders. Hopefully ours is on its way! Maybe when i go home today it will be on the porch.

I just got mine today too! I sounds funny coming from the guy who helped design the stuff, but I havent had a sip of surge in months and have been having to make due with my own disgusting home brew. I train tomorrow and cant wait to follow up the workout with the yummy surge flavor as opposed to the normal dog vomit I have been sucking on after training! Let us know what you guys think of the stuff in terms of taste and results.

yeah i also got the tshirt i was juiced that they included it free and look forward to showing it off at the gym. Also, i had a question. for the post surge meal, how big should it be? cuz i figured an easy ratio for 1/3 protein and 2/3 carbs. Just do half a serving of GRow and one serving of quaker oats. thats about 25 g protein : 60 g carbs. I dont know if regular food would be better though.

Just got home from work and my Surge was waiting for me. Also got the Biotest T shirt.
Can’t wait to get my workout in to give it a
try.Party on Wayne.

It’s here! It’s here! I just got home from work and what did I find by my doorstep but my order of Surge! Opened the box and the folks at Biotest were kind enough to throw in a T-Shirt too. Christmas in April, I tell you! Thanks guys, you’re first class. BTW I haven’t tried it yet but I’m lifting tonight so we’ll see how it goes. It sure doesn’t smell bad!

Dearest Lord above, please make these people hurry up with their workouts, drink Surge, and POST how it tastes…

jeez! i want mine so bad… it will be here tomorrow… i cant wait till friday to use it… what kind of taste does it have… i wanna know!

Well,I hope mine shows up tomorrow (Thurs). I was hoping it would be waiting for me today. After a grueling workout, I was looking forward to trying it out. I too ordered mine the day they announced pre orders. If it’s not here tomorrow, I’m going to go crazy! I ordered four bottles plus the two free! So I have a big load of Surge on it’s way! Those of you who have received it, how does it taste? What flavor is it? Does it mix easily with water? Fill the rest of us in!!! :slight_smile:

The Surge tasted pretty damn good. I think its vanilla-ish.

Just had my first serving of Surge, and it’s definitely drinkable. I never tried the “home brew” for the post-workout concoction, but if it’s really as bad as everyone says, I have to give credit to Biotest for a decent tasting product.