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Wanting: Defined Legs

I have BIG legs, like the kinda legs that you could put on a fire and never have to worry about being cold, even in Antartica. How do I get them smaller and more defined. I know a I will have to go on a diet and there is not suck thing as “SPOT reducing”, but I wanted to find out some more info. before starting my new leg routine. I though about the German routine. Any suggestions?

I suggest first you decide on what your goal actually is: “I want BIG legs…how do I get them smaller…?” What are we supposed to do with tHAT kind of question?

Well you dont say how you train, but i would recomend that you train with leight weights and take more reps, i would say raise it to 16 reps, and 3 excersizes would be enough, if you have some bodyfat then try to step with very low speed, actually keep your puls so low that you can keep a conversation… best of luck to ya

May I suggest a wheelchair and a low protein diet? Seriously, sounds like a diet issue. And yes, you do seem to be talking about spot reducing.

If you need to lose fat in your legs, try taking a thermogenic w/yohimbine. Yohimbine stimulates the alpha-receptors of the legs and glutes so you’ll lose some weight there. You might want to try a diurtic (I hear taraxatone by Cytodyne works good). To lose some muscle size and get them more cut, don’t do compound movements like squats and leg presses. Focus your efforts more on leg extensions.

i don’t know if the other three posts were jokes but try this. don’t back off squats/presses. the squat stimulates t and lypolysis just like other weight lifting. do try yohimbe either in md6 or by itself as tp recommended. fat accumulation in the lower body can be attributed to higher then normal estrogen levels, or higher than normal alpha 2 receptors in the fat cells of the lower body. try a diet rotation. 3 days high fat low carb, 4th day carb meal in the pm. back off cardio!! try cp interval training to lose fat.

I have the same problem as you. I’ve always had legs that made everyone jealous. Big, nice sweep, ridiculous calves, but not strong for their size. I have always had a problem getting pants b/c I’m 200 lbs, 30 in waist, but I can not get my thighs into anything less than a 32 or 33. I have started lifting high reps, low volume on my legs in hopes that they will shrink a little. I have no more fat on them to lose, so I am going to neglect them for a while and concentrate on my chest and back, which are pathetic in relation to my legs and ridiculous arms. My chest looks like a freaking wet blanket! Anyway, good luck, keep me posted.

Use the german body comp program. I use this program on all my female clients with great success. I have been using it on my females for the last 10 years. It has never failed. In addition take 10-20 mg of yohimbine twice a day if you can tolerate it. If you don’t use MD6, most 1000mg capsules of Yohimbe bark are around 5-8mg of yohimbine.

Oooops, that post should have said 10-20 mg of yohimbe total, divided into two dosages. So, 10-20 not 20-40.