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Wanting A Change


Alright I need some help getting in shape. Im 17 years old, in the 11th grade, about 6'ft tall and 275 (its not muscle). This semester in school I signed up for Weights Class but I also know Im going to have to work on it on my own alot also.Im also looking to increase my speed, endurance, strength as well as just feeling all around better.

In My Weights Class at school we have from 11:10 to 1:17 at the field house, where all the weights and track is. We do run and lift up thier but I was wondering about what I could be doing to exercise during free time, like an hour or so, I guess Im looking to see what part of the body I should concentrate on each day and what exercises I could do for that body part.

Also I leave for school about 7:20 each morning so I was thinking, since Ive heard other people do it, about getting up real early in the morning and exercising at home but what exercises should I do and when should I start to have enough time?

Also I do is school (8-3).

Im Also Ive always been a real picky eater and thats part of why Im fat and out of shape but if any one has and meal ideas plans already made or a quick idea of what I should make that I could try (like what they should consist of) that would be great.It doesnt really matter what foods it has since I need to quit being a picky eater since Im thinking abou tjoining the Navy, another reason I need to hurry up and get in great physcial shape.

Thx for the help Im hoping to get, I really need it.




Ok, this should be easy, since you're still in high school and you have the benefit of a lot of structure to your day. First of all, you need to tell us more about your lifting class, because I am wondering why you want to or even have the energy to workout before school or during your free time. Are you in it now? Does it last until the summer? Is it every school day? What are you doing in the class? Do you get to choose your workout? You should see dramatic results if you are exercising two hours three or five days a week, especially if you haven't exercised before.

Also, who makes your lunch? You, a family member, the school or (gasp) a fast-food restaurant? How about breakfast?


ITs always the same running stadiums and laps, lifting its always different Im not sure on the terms but squats, benches and others. The runnning and lifting is everyday .Also sometimes I eat school food for luch sometimes I eat nothing, or other times a coke and a bag of chips.

In other words unhealthy food which is why if anyone had a meal plan that I could follow every week that would be great. I dont mind eating the smae things over and oveer if it helps me get in shape. The reason I want to workout before and/or after school is so I can get faster results, thats why I need a schedule to keep track of things.


well im no expert. but leave the chips and carbonated drinks alone, work on doing your cardiovascular first to lose your weight, it should come off quickly if you diet right, drink tons of water, eat vegetables,fruits,and low fat high protein meats as chicken or turkey, ( not fried), mainly just focus on a diet, and remember its not bad to eat 5-6 times a day just eat healthier


Like what should I eat at each meal since your saying I should each so much, and this might sound dumb but since I dont know Im oging to ask.. How do I focus on cardiovascular? THX


Ah, newbie.

You are young, so this is going to be easier for you now then any time in the future.

Come here daily, and read everything you can. Knowledge is power. Don't be afraid to keep asking questions.

The link above posted by orion is really good. Try to read all the links there. (I know, that vroom guy is hard to look at with how ugly he is, but the post is really good.)

There is a link there to the 7 habits of highly effective diets. I believe that can be the most important information for you right now.


This is the link directly to the 7 habits article, but still go to all the other articles. Eating right is the most important thing. I don't think you should be too worried about trying to go on any real diet other then that, and may find that as long as you are working out and eating right, that most likely will be enough.

Just make sure it is a new lifestyle choice, not just a quick fix you dump the second you hit your goals.

You will notice that article does not expect perfection, and actually allows for times to eat foods that are not good for you. That helps keep you on track. Just don't overdo it.

Another thing about this is don't expect to be perfect overnight. Just try to keep improving all the time. And setbacks are perfectly normal. Don't use them as an excuse to quit.

Important: Do not skip meals, especially breakfast. Sumo wrestlers specifically skip breakfast and lunch to keep their metabolism down so they can get fatter. Try not to be a Sumo. Skipping meals is a big mistake.

Keep records of everything you eat, and all the exercises you do. We can be of better help to you if we know what you are doing. So far we have too little knowledge of your classes, and your exercises. It is possible to overdo it, and it is also possible to underdo it.

Overdoing it can actually stall the results, and cause you to burn out. Starting out slow and small is perfectly fine. It will set the stage for later. Learning to lift correctly is more important them just moving weight. Once your form is good, then focus on the weight.

Finally do not rely on the scale. It is not the best tool by itself. Pictures of yourself and the mirror are two of the best tools you can use. The picture will show where you started, and the mirror will show where you are at.

The scale may show increases or decreases in weight, but it will not say if that is muscle, fat, or water weight. You could also use a tape measure and measure your body parts, but make sure you do this no more then once a week. Every other week may actually be better.

Good luck.


If you're drinking alot of soda now, you could lose alot of weight by just drinking calorie free/low calorie drinks. (and that doesnt include diet soda.)

Water and crystal light.

Also, start eating alot healthier. I think you know what healthy means by now. (stewart listed some) and no chips.


The weight class you work with weights and run laps and stadiums everyday (Mon-Fri) In running we run like a mile or two. When working out we use the bars... I really dont know how to explain it but its not undering working I promise...

I was in weights my freshmen year but I was lazy but since I want to turn my body into a very atheltic looking one I think if I just try really hard I can do it before I go on vaction to europe this summer, also I have to be in good shape if I join hte navy...


After spending alot of time researching and looking around on the board heres what I think will work for a diet:

Meal 1:
3 Scrambled Eggs
3 Slices Bacon
8 oz Yougart

Meal 2:
Low-Carb Grow!

Meal 3:
Chicken Salad
Mixed Nuts

Meal 4: (Pre-Workout)
Power Drive Drink

Meal 5: (Post-Workout)
Surge Drink

Meal 6:
Low-Carb Grow!
8 oz Yougart

I will also be taking Maximum Strength HOT-ROX Supplements everyday. The only thing I see might not work with this is that I eat luch at 11:10 to 11:40 and I have Weights from 11:40 to 1:17 so I would be taking Power Drive and Surge on a full stomach.. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could fix this? Also is this diet ok if I keep on the HOT-ROX and the Exercising Hard?


It seems to me that you're not spreading your meals out enough. You should be eating every 2.5 to 3 hours.

So let's say you have your breakfast at 6:30am (meal 1), you should eat again around 9am (meal 2). Then make your Power Drive drink and some fruits Meal 3 at lunch (meal 3). Then you'll work out and you may want to drink your Surge about 1:45pm - 2pm (meal 4).

Then you can eat your chicken Salad and your nuts around 5pm (meal 5) and finally your Low-Carb Grow!! and yogurt at 8pm (meal 6).

The only thing I see is that you seem to be lacking meats, pretty much completely. You have some chicken salad and then you have some bacon in the morning... I'd suggest adding more meats in there if you can, although I know it might be hard being younger.

These are just my suggestions, though, and i'm beginning myself. Hopefully someone can point out any errors i've made in my suggestions. :slight_smile:


You should (IMO) wait on the HOT-ROX and any other supplements. Grow! and Surge are excellent, but don't start taking different capsules until your body get done changing itself (aside from the fact the bottle say's Not Under 18). You don't need a supplement, you need a better diet.

Check out all the diet stuff on this site or go to www.scrawnytobrawny.com or www.precisionnutrition,com both of these sites are run by Dr. John Berardi and he will get you alot further than a bottle of pills. If you don't know how to lift or are just learning all the supplements in the world won't help.


So heres what it looks like now after the suggestion from JokerFMJ:

Meal 1: (6:30am)
3 Scrambled Eggs
3 Slices Bacon
8 oz Yougart

Meal 2: (9:00am)
Low-Carb Grow!

Meal 3: (11:10am)(Pre-Workout)
Power Drive Drink

Meal 4: (1:17pm)(Post-Workout)
Surge Drink

Meal 5: (5:00pm)
Chicken Salad or Hamburger Patty
Mixed Nuts

Meal 6: (8:00pm)
Low-Carb Grow!
8 oz Yougart

I do have a little problem though, actually Im not sure if its a problem, Since Im in school and we only have like 5 mins to get from one class to another after the bell rings I dont really have time to mix all my drinks, so would it hurt if I mixed my Grow!, and Pre and Post Workout Drinks before I leave for school in the morning and just put them in a lunch box in my locker and get them as I need them or would that be a baad idea?

Now on reguards to what RoadWarrior said why is it bad for me to take the HOT-ROX? I guess I could wait and see how the Pre and Post Workout Drinks go which I think with my new diet and me exercising with weights and running my arse off Mon-Fri that the weight will come flying off and the muscle on. Basicaly should I wait for the HOT-ROX or get it now and start taking it? THX

P.S. How many things of Surge and Power Drive and Grow! should I buy to start off with? Also should I buy Low-Carb Grow! or Classic Grow! or one of each? THX


Im about to order the drinks and things so that they will get to me before I start weights class but, how many things of Surge, Power Drive, and Grow! should I buy to start off with? Also should I buy Low-Carb Grow! or Classic Grow! or one of each? THX


"When working out we use the bars... I really dont know how to explain it but its not undering working I promise..."

I'm not exactly sure what you are saying here, but I suspect like you aren't making any progress because you aren't really 'working' when you are working out. Learn the names of the lifts you are doing, the muscles that they work, and the proper form for each lift. Once you get the proper form down, you can work out with intensity.

If you don't challenge your body, it won't change. If your class doesn't require a training log, start one and post a sample of it here so we can see what you are doing.

I'd follow The Mage's advice about the diet. The diet that you've picked seems pretty goofy - not enough real food, especially vegetables. The 7 habits are a great way to start eating healthier. Also, you definately don't need HOT-ROX or Power Drive at this point, and you can probably skip the Surge as well, although Surge is nice if you can afford it.

You want to focus on the basics right now, and doing something simple liking eating the school lunch everyday instead of your junk food lunch should work. (Yeah, the lunch is not perfect, but it's not complete crap, and it's too easy a plan to mess up. Also, the lunch is similar to what you will eat in the military, even if it is lower quality.)

Also, what do you want to do in the Navy? Sounds like a good reason to join the swim team or any other sport. Who cares if you suck and are the worst guy on the JV team? Like Dan John says - at least I think it's him - just show up. Good things happen when you show up.


Its bad to take HOT-ROX because your 17 and don't really know anything about lifting. Supplements are that, they Supplement what you are already doing. There is no magic pill. All there is, is learning. Give your body a chance before you start taking anything in a capsule. I fully believe in Better Living Through Chemistry, but at your age you need food NOT chemicals.



PS. this is from the back of the bottle:

WARNING: Consult your physician before using this or any dietary supplement. Do not take if you are pregnant or breast feeding, elderly or under the age of 18


Alright I wont go witht the diet plan I made up, I thought it was good for a first try but I guess not, but I WILL GIVE ANYTHING FOR SOMEONE TO HELP ME MAKE A MEAL PLAN FOR ONE DAY/WEEK! Im a planner and I think it will help me. Also I was suggested b someother people to get Grow!, Power Drive, and Surge...

Anyways I was going to join the Navy so that I could see the world and the heighten my chances in to becoming an FBI Field Agent liek Ive wated to be for 6+ years..



Go to the link Orion gave you (this will take you to Vroom's thread for beginners) and start reading and stop whining. Everything is there for you to start.


I changed it:

Meal 1: (6:30am)
Bacon and Egg Kesh
8 oz Yougart

Meal 2: (9:00am)
Low-Carb Grow!
Fruit/Mixed Nuts

Meal 3: (11:10am)(Pre-Workout)
Power Drive Drink

Meal 4: (1:17pm)(Post-Workout)
Surge Drink

Meal 5: (5:00pm)
Chicken/Fish/Hamburger <-(Grilled)
Some Vegetables
Fruit/Mixed Nuts

Meal 6: (8:00pm)
Low-Carb Grow!
8 oz Yougart

Is thi any better than the first one? I looked at that link before I made this..


I would dump the bacon for most of the days. Ok every once in a while, but not really every day. Also an omelet, or just scrambled eggs may be better then a keish. I often just scramble the eggs, throw in some low fat cheese, and sometimes cubed ham. (If you can call what I do to it cubed.) You could throw in vegetables too. I don't myself, but only because I am not fond of any that would go good with eggs.

I would trade the yogurt for cottage cheese. Yogurt has a little protein, and often a lot of sugar. There are the sugar free kinds though.

You may not need the Power Drive, or even surge yet. Since you are new to weight lifting, you will most likely build muscle faster then you ever will at any time in the future. I would think using those products now might be kind of a waste. But still Surge is a great after workout drink, and it's nice to have something sweet some of the time.

Also I would not consider Power Drive to be a meal.

You should get something between the Surge and the next meal. Surge is designed to boost your blood sugar, and your insulin levels. Afterwards you could crash. I don't think having Surge as the only thing you eat between 9 and 5 is a good idea. Surge is a great supplement for helping build muscle faster. But if you need to make a choice, get real food instead.

Chicken good, fish, real good, hamburger, try to get extra lean, or ground sirloin.

Mixed nuts are good. You might want to take those nuts to school actually, and have a quick snack between some classes.

You might want to try to get more vegetables. Maybe pick up those pre-made bags of lettuce, and have a salad with the last meal.

If you find you are hungry, try upping your protein. Also a daily multi is good, and fish oil is a great supplement to take throughout the day. That is all the supplements I would recommend for now.