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Wanted to Share My 3rd Meet Results


Everyone, hope you are well....wanted to share my results from my 3rd meet. I competed in the USAPL Georgia and Southern States meet. It was a great meet, and now I officially feel like a powerlifter :slight_smile:

Competed in 82.5kg (181.75lb) class
I weighed in at 178lbs

I went 9 for 9 in the meet, below are my totals:
Squat 303.1lbs
Bench 187.4lbs
Deadlift 402.3lbs
Total: 892.9lbs
Wilks: 367.82

I broke all 4 state records for my weight class. Here is the video of my last squat which was a grinder. I met all of my lifting goals for 2013 (Squat 300, Bench my body weight, and Deadlift 400)
Next up is Raw Nationals in July most likely. I enjoy training a lot more than meets, so I want to really get in the gym and get stronger so I can have a great showing at Nationals in 2014. :slight_smile:


Wow! Amazing! Good job and keep at it :slightly_smiling:


So very excellent!!

Keep at it :slight_smile:


Very inspiring!


Congratulations! It is awesome that you have met all your goals for the year.

Raw Nats will be in my backyard. I will probably be working the meet some. Come introduce yourself. I am the scrawny one.


Well done!


Hey! Didn't realize you started posting here!! Great place for a log, feedback and support!


Thanks everyone!!
And @GBench...you're the reason I started this powerlifting journey anyway...I just keep finding great places to get information and learn so I can get better :slight_smile:


Really awesome job - love the concentration face!


Nice work!