Wanted to Say Hello

Just saying “Hi All”. I have just signed up, been a member for awhile but just read. And finding my way around. I need to get back into my program and I hope that, me reading and getting active on the form helps.

Take care see yea around

Welcome to the “real action”: getting involved in the online community. Lots of good people/advice here, as you know. Hope you feel confident enough to jump in and add to the threads.

How’s your program going for you?

Welcome to T-Nation! There’s lots of info here on training, nutrition and motivation, so that should help you get back into working out.

There’s also lots of people here on the forum that can answer any questions you might have too…so ask away!

Welcome to the T-nation. There is so much going on here that you’ll be drowned in information. Read, ask questions, give input, whatever. Glad to have you around.