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Wanted to Run My First Test Cycle Plan by You Guys

Planning on a first cycle.

Thoughts? Thank you .

Weeks: 1-10 / 500mg Test E

Weeks: 1-12 0.25mg EOD Arimidex or aromasin

Weeks: 13-14 Nolva 20mg twice daily (40mg)

Weeks: 15-16 Nolva 20mg per day

Taper off

Week 17 10mg

Week 18 5mg


HCG? On hand :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Clomid and Nolva ? Or one or the other ?

Many thanks keen to hear feedback

Nolva only is sufficient. Don’t take the arimidex once you stop taking the test. You run the risk of crashing your e2 right as you roll into pct.

Why only 10 weeks? I dont believe there is anything wrong with it, just seems short. I feel like 12 or 16 week is the norm I see around here. I also don’t believe week 17 and 18 are necessary?

I will admit it is nice to see someone come in here with 1st cycle that makes sense. Not a grocery list of different compounds.

why more than 12 weeks @newbvet? I heard that after 12 weeks the effects of Test E taper off and it is better to just run it for 12 max.

op, it would be beneficial to know your current stats. 500mg test e could be a little high for a woman…

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I agree with Newbvet, run it a couple extra weeks if you can.

Thanks for that information. Those are the bits of information that I like learning about.

Can you explain more about what you mean, by the effects taper off? ALL Test esters taper off after you stop taking them. So long as you are continously injecting, the effects should be the same compared to any other ester, right?

I have looked into this and I have seen that when people use the term taper, they mean to lower the dose over a period of time, because they think it will clear the system or start them on their PCT faster. OR they may think tapering will help stop the loss of gains.

I am not sure how the actual affects could be tapered by a Test.

I do totally agree with getting initial blood work done so that you have a baseline.

I understand, perhaps I worded it incorrectly. maybe a better way to word it is that the effects diminish. I’m not sure on the exact science - it is what I’m trying to figure out - but just that running test e for any longer than 12 weeks at a high dose is a waste as the body adapts and that dose isn’t as effective as it was at the start of the cycle or blast. That is what I was told anyway although that may have been specific to my case. I guess a 300lb monster like Rami would run it for longer, or his cruise dose would be higher. Just here to learn.

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As am I, here to learn. The diminishing returns would make more sense.

Weeks 1-10: 500mg Test E split into 250mg/1ml pinned Mon and Thu

Weeks 1-12 0.25 aromasin or arimidex taken EOD or mon&thu depending on sides: taper off last week 0.125mg

Week 10-12 500iu of HCG? Mon/W/F

Weeks: 13-14 500iu of HCG? Mon/W/F Nolva 20mg twice daily (40mg)

Weeks: 15-16 Nolva 20mg per day

Taper off (if necessary)

Week 17 10mg

Week 18 5mg

I would probably avoid using adex from day one, start a week or 2 into your cycle. I started adex a week in (I front loaded though) and still had the sides of low e2, which is no fun at all.

So could I run 400mg for 12 weeks instead then?

Stop running the adex when you stop running the test at week 10 I would not continue to take an AI after my last injection. You also might want to consider waiting until week 3 of your test cycle to even start it or possibly just waiting to see if you even need it. And when you do if your taking EOD start with 0.125

I would start the nolva on week 12 if you run a 10 week test cycle and would do a 40/40/20/20

If you run the test 12 weeks start nolva on week 14 but either way stop the AI after last injection


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Ok mate thanks how’s this ?

Weeks 1-10: 500mg Test E split into 250mg/1ml pinned Mon and Thu

Weeks 2or3-10 aromasin or arimidex 0.125mg

Weeks: 11-12 nothing

Weeks 13-14 Nolva 20mg twice daily (40mg)

Weeks: 13-14 Nolva 20mg per day

Taper off (if necessary)

Week 15 10mg

Week 16 5mg


Possibly HCG on hand if needed to help kickstart the balls back into action…yes?? No??

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Looks solid. As far as the hcg goes there is a lot of advocates for it. I was seriously considering it for this cycle I am on. I decided against it tho. I just felt it was unnecessary. Research it as much as possible check old threads etc. There is a lot of confusing info on how to use it how much to use it when to use it. Each group having pretty compelling data as to why they are right. You have people that say to use it all cycle long then you have a group that says use it for the 2-3 week gap from last week of cycle to begining of pct then you have the group who says don’t start until you start your actual pct. Idk to much extra shit for me. My wife’s pregnant I don’t need to worry about my swimmers right now lol and honestly I wouldn’t be disappointed if this turns out to be my only kid I ever have so it’s not for me.