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Wanted: The Movie


Do NOT watch this movie. This is the worst movie I have seen in 7 years since I saw Jeepers Creepers in the theatre. You have been warned.



seriously...this is the worst movie i have seen in a long long time.




I guess you probably haven't checked out a Coen brothers film since Fargo, then.


We've already discussed this...and I thought the movie was just fine.

If you were unaware of the source material, then you might just think they pulled those abilities out of nowhere...which it sounds like you were.


And nobody warned you that Jeepers Creepers was horrible? Wanted was not that horrible of a movie.


I liked it when I saw it in the theater.

Hancock though, damn that movie BLEW.


Shit, it wasn't horrible at all. It was based on a damn comic book. You sort of have to accept some sci fi shit going on if you can accept that fucking Superman can fly.


As well as accepting that Tobey Maguire is Spiderman.


I liked "Wanted"... saw it twice. What it is you hated so much about it?


I, too, enjoyed the movie. Very much. I even enjoyed Hancock, as well. As long as I'm entertained, I'm happy.


Wanted looks like a dumb movie, but I liked Jeepers Creepers just fine.




Hancock wasn't great, but is was ok. Had it's moments.

Last movie I saw that I didn't like at all was "The Happening"... now that sucked.


Hancock was awesome right up until the writers decided to make Charlize fucking Theron into a super hero.

Fuck. That. Ruining a potentially good movie is 100x worse than just making an all-around shitty movie.


I think that part could've worked if it had been done well. As it is, it looks like it got tacked on to the script at the last minute and they weren't sure if they wanted to play off the comedy aspect, make it dramatic and the story got all confused... they seek each other, but they lose their powers; all the others are gone, etc. It's like they threw a bunch of random ideas at the audience and hoped something would stick.

You need to watch some Uwe Boll movies.


Unfortunately, no. Then again, I'm biased - I can't stand Angelina Jolie nowadays.

I liked her in Tomb Raider, Hackers, The Bone Collector, etc...but for some reason I find her annoying in all her more recent flicks.


See, I can accept the fact that it comes from a comic. I can handle suspension of disbelief. I can even handle the whole "curve the bullet" silliness. However, the last scene where she curves the bullet and kills 8 people in a circle is fucktarded.

All that said, the stupid shit they did with the cars was retarded with the exception of slamming it into the train.

I was also blown away at the incredible creativity of the "Luke I am your father scene". Wow, I hadn't seen that one coming.

Oh yeah, let's not forget some magic loom that speaks binary and orders you to kill people that never gets explained.

The foreshadowing with the rats was blatant.

I also love how this badass assasin looks like an 8 year old who hasn't sprouted a pube yet. This guy made Toby McQuire look like Brock Lesnar.

Look, I'm a huge spider-man fan. Have been since I was a little kid and first heard the words, "With great power comes great responsibility". But that fact makes me MORE angry when something cool gets gayed up. It does not cause me to give the director a pass. You either do the job right or you don't do it at all. In this case he should have directed "Bridges of Madison County 2" or some shit.

Fraternity of assassins my ass. This movie couldn't have sucked more if this fraternity pulled out the paddles and had gay sex.


I liked Wanted and Hancock. What I don't get though, is Cloverfield. It´s just a bunch of people running around with a camera, you can´t even see anything.




Wanted wasn't that bad.
and jeepers creepers is an old favorite of mine.
Hancock was fun too.
I guess I'm not cut out to be a movie critic...