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Wanted some Pointers/Advice

Hey, new member to this site and thought it would be a great place to get some pointers/advice for some training and diet. Sorry if this turns into a wall of text but its something i would like some proffession help on due to the ppl at my gym just push product on me and say in 5 months you’ll be lean and cut like an uber super hero…

Im 18 and have been training for a year now. I basicly went into training at the gym with little knowledge of how my body worked. As i got to the stage i am at now i realise what i did wrong and what i should be doing, roughly.

I have gotten bigger over the course of the year and my parents and friends definatley notice the difference. Im not big, i guess you could say the average athletic build. Im not a skinny person either, i have some flabby areas, mainly lower abdominals but i guess its down to “the last 10%”. Im told its always harder to lose that.

Basicly now my workout goes over the course of three days a week. Monday, wednesday and friday. I do about 2 hours of weight training.

I do Arms(Biceps) Shoulders Abs and Forearms on Monday. Legs (Thighs, claves) Chest Abs and Forearms on Wednesday. And Arms(Triceps) Back Abs and Forearms on Friday. I usually work out around 11-12 to 1-2pm that gives me the chance to have lunch afterwards getting my food in the “Nutritional Window” Where muscles get everything at the right time.

I used to take a protein shake aswell. Just a plain Whey protein, no creatine etc. I stopped after a couple of months due to it showing signs of starting achne and spots. So i stopped immediatley. But TBH i did see difference, i got bigger and didnt gain the fatty weight but i look at myself and wonder “Would i look the same if i ate an extra bit of chicken or steak?”

So atm im eating a natural diet, no supplements of any kind and feel good, less hyper mood swings etc. So its for the good i stopped. Anyhoo, thought id add that as more info the better…

I split my meals in 6 meals, 3 mains and 3 Snacks. I guess i get the DRA each day with more protein than normal. I think i get about 150g of protein a day if not 170 which is my body weight.

Im looking to cut down a bit atm for the summer and get my muscles really defined. This would mean cutting my body fat down. Question 1: How would i do this and still maintain if not continue building muscle with my diet? What would my Nutritional value have to be each day?

I know my body is still growing, and to get the body im aiming for id have to keep going till 22+ to actually see the lean cut body that are awed and gawked at. I got a link to a picture that i aim for, my end goal if you will.


Well i hope i draw some good attention to my topic and some useful info. Thanks to those reading through my essay, much appreciated!! And i hope to be a regular here :slight_smile: