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Wanted: New T-Nation Shirt


Wouldn't it be nice to have a black and yellow shirt with this logo huge on the back?


did you miss my thread about this?


Sure, T-Nation gone Ed Hardy...


Whats the significance of the all seeing eye...?


It'll match those and my affliction and tapout shirts too bro!


if you didn't have Uncle Jesse as an avi, I'd punch you in the face


Im getting this as a tattoo no joke.


dude dont do that lol


Real men get in on there neck or face.


It's BECAUSE he has an Uncle Jesse avatar that I WANT to punch him in the face.



Seriously. That logo looks horrible. Why can't we just keep it simple, maybe just a big Old English T?


Or a giant blow-up of some striated glutes?


How about a gigantic silverback gorilla fucking the shit out of Mila Kunis?


lol why not it look so bad ass. but I was thinking about just the T for now. PPL ask wat it represent and Ill reply "means im a man"




If you need a tattoo to tell someone that youre a man because they cannot tell from your actions, choices, and how you carry yourself...I've got some bad news bud


Y'all can always shoot rainjack a PM and see what he thinks about T-Nation tattoos on the back.


YO check my new tattoo, it's from this forum...hey where's everybody going?


I wonder if he regrets it now?

I doubt it, it's still a unique and badass symbol.