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Wanted-Military Men for New T-Cell



We're putting up a new T-Cell for military or ex-military men called the "War Room."

If you want in, sign up here.



I'll sign up.

Honorable discharge and currently on reserve status.

Captain, USAF


I'm in. SSgt, USMC. Not retired, just time served. Nine years, honorable discharge.


Navy Midshipmen at UF.


I'm no military man... but shouldn't this thread be temporarily stickied until you have enough to start things off?


Honorable discharge from Army. E-4............. I know, I know.......... But I did serve. Am I in?


Chief Master Sergeant(E9),USAF,retired


MS2 Army ROTC cadet reporting in.


Ranger Infantryman, Honorable discharge.


Infantry, special forces turned peace lover. I am in


Chief Petty Officer, Submarine Service.

Don't know if i will post much as most times not much to add.


Active duty. Im in.


2nd Lt, Engineers here. I'm in.


E4 USMC, medically discharged roughly two years ago.

Re-entered and resume training this July as previously discussed in the Steroid Forum.

Ooh Rah!


You've all been accepted in the War Room T-Cell, so feel free to start posting there.


I'm in, SSG, US Army, 10 Years, Honorable Discharge, CANG, Just got back from Iraq.


Boiler Tech, USS John King DDG 3.
Mid to late 80's.

Other Than Honorable discharge.
The captain had zero tolerance, what about you guys?

Crazy times. Here's a pic of her.



Any love for the military contractors? If not I understand as we aren't putting our lives on the line like y'all are.

Lockheed Martin, C-130 project here.

Former CIA employee as well.


SSgt/E5, USAF, Active Duty. Sign me up!!


SPC, ARMY, intel analyst. Hell yeah I want in.