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Let’s all give a big hand to TC and Cy for giving us a Steriod Article in this weeks edition!!!

Thank you! We asked for it and we got it! You guys certainly “Meet and exceed customer expectations!”


yep, lets keep em coming.

'here 'here:-)…

yeah, good stuff, thanks for listening…

Thanks for the article

Yes thanks for the article… now lets try to improve upon the worst steroid article you guys have ever published. I feel like the last batch of atricles have been significantly dumbed down. I want to LEARN something, not hear about whatever stack some needledick tried. I demand studies and info.

Nice to have some Steroid info, but it seems like someone is obsessed with Tren. Cripe, I was expecting the last stack to be Tren and Cheerios.

J/k Cy, thanks!

Squatty, you’re being quite damanding of a FREE magazine aren’t you? Hopefully you at least support them by buying biotest stuff or subscribing.

I subscribe, but holy cow, where in God’s Green Earth is the next issue? It’s been like six months!

Thank you T-mag! Keep it up. Damn quick response too.

Maybe you’re not familiar with scientific research in general, but it does in fact require funding (at least thousands upon thousands of dollars for a smaller study). However, funding is very limited in regard to androgens and what little funding does exist certainly doesn’t focus on what bodybuilders would be interested in knowing.

The fact is that the medical community couldn’t care less what athletes are using in most cases and when they do investigate, it’s simply to provide a prevalence of use report and/or toxicity report. Aside from that, “stacking” isn’t something performed in a controlled setting. When they look at an androgen, they’ll only administer one at a time. “Stacking” isn’t something done in terms of androgens and their medicinal uses so we’re forced to use anecdotal evidence. I mean honestly, you want me to start giving the little available data we have on trenbolone or boldenone? Ok, it’s all performed using cattle, rats, dogs, cats, horses, etc. Hey guess what, trenbolone reduces carcass fat in cattle. Sweet! I guess that means it reduces fat so there’s your “data” for the day.

Hey, guess what, they are finding in an ongoing trial using oxandrolone in cancer-induced cachexia patients? It’s preventing a loss of muscle tissue and some seem to be gaining muscle. Well, that’s exciting to know!

There may be perhaps a handful of studies in a year’s time that actually deal with things we’re interested in knowing about (i.e., elucidating mechanism of action, pharmacokinetic properties, studies comparing one androgen versus another, etc.)

There are some articles coming out very soon that have interesting information that I doubt most people know. Although, I’m certain some will claim to have already known. :slight_smile: So be patient. It’s a weekly magazine for shit’s sake! We put out better quality information every week than other magazines do in an entire month and it’s free! It isn’t easy. Keep in mind we have other commitments as well.

That article was simply there to provide some anecdotal information, which the readers can use to perhaps validate their own thoughts or compare and contrast results, etc.

Let me start by apologising to Cy about my critique of the article… i shouldnt have called it the worst steroid article, it certainly wasn’t… for most novices I’m sure it was very useful. I did in fact get some new stack ideas as well. I hope you understand what I mean though… when I first read the Neverending cycle and I first learned about the AR and ER, I felt like a kid on christmas. Or at least the dorky kid who was happy to get a new book. It just seemed like the most recent article was stuff I already knew. I am certainly not asking you to conduct studies and report them to us but in your position Cy, you are privy to a whole bunch of cool info that we are not. Examples off of the top of my head… studies that show winnie interacts with the microsomal AR. You cited these studies in an article. What the hell is this thing? What pertinence does it have to steroid users? How was this study conducted? This is taking a piece of info that some of us know, and explaining it in full detail. You also looked at some metformin studies that I would love to know more about. Perhaps in looking at these studies examining individual androgens you could explain why one would use one androgen over another. As far as im concerned, I will just use the strongest androgen that I can find. What’s the point of using something weaker? That’s when you come in and say… well, sustanon is less gonadotrophic and it works better to stimulate such and such a receptor and you bombard me with knowledge and intelligence that leaves me dumbfounded until the next steroid article comes out. All I ask is for groundbreaking articles, week in and week out. No seriously though, thanks for the steroid article, that’s big time. Hopefully you at least understand where I am coming from, I’m sure I’m not alone.

Point well taken. I understand where you’re coming from. No hard feelings whatsoever.

yes i think the artcicle was very good and necessary. we have as one guy put it “an influx of morons” lately on this forum. good basic articles are what they need. that is what most are here for. most people dont give a shit about the science they just want to know how to get hyoooooooge. i however am interested in all the boring details.

you already wrote a steroid dieting article which is great. i would love to see a steroid for mass article. a sample integrated steroid cycle and training program. that would kick ass. especially since it is just about bulking season.


your time and effort is appreciated guys. the information you provide is invaluable. sometimes it sucks having such limited resources as we in the steroid community do. but, together over the years we have made dramatic progress. i look forward to being part of the evolution and am thankful to those who are pioneering the field. the one thing we all have in common is this is our passion.

Yeah Drago1, that and a love of needles and the smell of oil.

The smell of Proline EQ is one of my favorite olfactory delights. I’m trying to make it into an airfreshener I can hang in the gym.

I was pleased with the article given the fact that you guys put it together for us so quickly. Just keep em comin and you won’t hear any complaints from me. Thanks.

Thanks for the article, it was cool.

A steroid for mass article would be a fantastic idea… berardi has written some good articles applying his massive eating idea’s to a steroid cycle but I would like to hear what cy says about it. Another sweet article would be a list of various readings or summaries thereof which we can pursue on our own if we want to expand our minds in a given steroidal direction. Every time I think of something I’m going to throw it in this thread. Perhaps it will become a database of article ideas for the good steroid bros at t-mag to draw from. Thanks again fellas.

A MASS article would be sweet right now >:)~

QUOTE: Another sweet article would be a list of various readings or summaries thereof which we can pursue on our own if we want to expand our minds

Dr. Phil just put out a new book. You guys should check it out. He really knows his shit.