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Wanted Cavedweller Still Living


I'm astounded there isn't already a heated debate about how this could have happened.

Anyway, I hope we get to see the video in the next days.
Apparently, Bin Laden tries to be a bit more likeable, addressing the american folk in a friendlier tone, appeals to reason and trendily criticizes evil globalization (through reducing US-Iraq to Halliburton-Iraq).

Do you feel he is still a priority? Does the tape anger you? What are your recommendations for dealing with him?

Personally, I believe the US will probably get him- not now, but perhaps in ten to fifteen years and instead of letting him rot in a cell they will help rising his status to Che Guevara like dimensions through execution.


We could let him rot in a cell, but that would mean a trial, which he would probably just use as a platform to run off at the mouth, as Saddam and Milosevic did. While I would like to see him treated as the criminal that he is, I don't think a trial would be good for anybody.

A public execution, or even a public announcement that we had killed him in an airstrike or covert operation would just make him a martyr.

I think, if we did find him, and this should be a priority, we should kill him on the spot, cremate the body, and keep the whole thing as secret as possible. Though killing him would be great news for the US and our friends around the world, keeping it a secret would deny him martyr status, we wouldn't have to watch a long drawn out circus trial, and there would be no legitamate successor.

How could anyone try to take his place in the public eye if the public didn't know that he was dead? His closest followers would probably realize that he was dead, and try to make an announcement, and name someone to succeed him, but we could spread a rumor that there was an internal power struggle, and one faction tried to off him, and he was in hiding trying to recover from his wounds.


Why the rush to get Osama? What's your big hurry? Bush gets plenty of political traction by using Bin Laden as a boogeyman, and ultimately that's what's most important to Bush.

Bin Laden helps Bush "catapault the propaganda" to use Bush's own phrase.


If he's still hiding in a cave, it must be a fucking 5-star cave. Nice lighting, neutral background, pressed clothes. Not many caves with laundry facilities, if memory serves.

I still think he's kicking it in Pakistan with his good buddies the Talibans.


From the article:

"To conclude," bin Laden says, "I invite you to embrace Islam." He goes on to say: "There are no taxes in Islam, but rather there is a limited Zakaat [alms] totaling 2.5 percent."

Damn. I think he just converted Headhunter.


Good call.


It's worth noting that the Zakat is only to be paid on liquidity that exceeds a certain minimum level known as Nisab. The money should also have been idle for a full year.


Does "Good call" mean you think I'm right, or is it because you just got off the phone with him and you had a "good call."


Double damn.

I guess we can expect Azhead Al-Hunter to show up any minute now..


WANTED: Tall, late mid-age, distinguished, bearded Arab gent for staring role in politically sensitive drama-documentary. Native Arabic speakers only. On-going need. Apply in first instance to Cyber Info Associates, any US Embassy -- Andrew Milner on the BBC's HYS


Alahu akbar!


The US won't execute him but it is possible he will be executed by another nation.


2.5% is too high for that skinflint.


How high of a tax rate is allowed to be levied against the non-muslim?


He looks like he just got back from the Hairclub For Men and had a nice dye. Do those caves have barber shops or hair clinics? I wonder what he would look like clean shaven ...somebody photoshop that.

(Osama's prayer song)
....ummmbadada...bada...dubabababab...unnananana...cumadaabdba...bada...daba.... dabbbabab..daba...daba...doooo...adbababdbabdbabddbabaa aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....POOOOOOOOOONANY!!!!!!!!!



It is kinda interesting to see the video pop up a couple of days before Petraeus' "report" and some time after the US double the bounty on him.


He should do some side dumbbell laterals or some upright rows ...or something. He's lookin' a little thin in the shoulders.

Squat-rack curler probably ...or maybe he prays in the squat-rack.



Osama the Political Pundit is back to confirm that Bush and the neocons are right and liberal democrats think just like notorious terrorists. The U.S. has a shape shifting arch nemesis sending us generic threats via VHS tapes.

The conservative pencil pushers who sit on their asses in air conditioned offices have something else to be afraid of and a reason to keep cheering our troops in Iraq while living through them vicariously. America the Drama.


An interesting interview of Michael Scheuer on Fox News about Ben Laden's latest tape.



According to sources that I won't post because of lazyness, the vid is fake.
The video freezes exactly at the two moments where the "Sheikh" mentions or talks about current global issues.

I haven't had the opportunity to watch the video, but I'm curious if it's true.