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WANTED: All T-Nation Members


In the spirit of the infamous Milf and Tilf thread this one is for everybody.....

Post a pic, tell us some obsure fact about yourself, hell post a pic with your shoe (if you haven't seen that thread you must!)


I used to a be a pro-wrestler


This is me after my very first bulking cycle. I've never had braces and I don't have a birthmark.


OK. I'll bite.

When I'm not in the gym I'm....


I have an extremely large penis and I am a chronic liar.

I cant believe that this thread is still going around. Actually, it is a great thread and secretly I am only editing this post in the hope that I can make the awful picture of myself dissapear.

Damn you mods. How many times have you posted that if you edit your post, make sure that you reattach the picture, well, I edit my post, dont attach the picture, but the damn picture is still there. Will you at least let me change it to a pic of a beautiful woman drinking beer?


This pic is from 2001. I weighed about 205-210lbs at the time (I already posted one from last year).

Obscure fact: I have a photographic memory but can't remember the names of girls I get the phone numbers of even 2 minutes after they tell me. In fact, I seem to have a problem with names in general and this truly fucked me up in History class in high school.


You are one beautiful woman.


Obscure fact:
If I do not trim my beard and moustache, my beard will naturally fork and my moustache curls at the end. I am a natural born pirate. Arrr!


Hi Everyone!

I mostly lurk, but have posted from time to time. A fact that is not so obscure to people that know me is that T-Nation has helped me gain about 30lbs. of LBM over the course of a year.


Me from may 04.

I'm a competitive collegiate billiards player and have several first and second place trophies to show for it.


Mr2Geez, you have really nice teeth!!


Random facts:
I have 6 brothers
I used to spend my summers training horses with behavioral problems
This led to 3 concussions
At one point I had 28 piercings
In high school I did competitive ballroom dancing
My undergrad was interior design


I saved my best pic for the "About the Authors" thing that's going to be coming out in a couple of days here...

So...I have nothing great to contribute, pic wise to this thread...although, as my "interesting fact" about me, I'll tell everyone that I'm covered in tattoos and piercings, and insofar as piercings go, I have 3 in my tongue right now, the largest being a 4ga, and the others both being 10s


Thank you for the compliment!!

You should post a pic so I can return the favor!


Why do I ONLY see women like this on this site?


That was me pre- double lung transpant in Jan 2003, @ 113lbs. w/ O2 on an my little O2 concentrator next to me (see lower right of pic) I couldn't walk more than 6 feet @ a time w/ my concentrator set @ 6 liters (most a home concetrators can push.

I sat for 3 months waiting for someone to die for me to live.Sort of wierd, waiting for some kids to die for me to live, but it Happend. I returned to liftiing weights; roughly a year later & now more for function an to live that to bodybuild (as I did in my teens)

Feb 3 will by my 3 yr anniversary.




Man... you DO look like Treach from Naughty by Nature.



That truly is an amazing story.

Keep kickin' it and taking no prisoners, Brother...because you are a winner and a survivor!



That's fucking awesome man. I love stories about overcoming physical ailments. Good luck in the future and stay healthy.