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Want To Use Steroids - Need Help

[quote]SMUT Warrior wrote:
I want to thank Bushy for actually answering the question.

I personally have never obtained the stuff via web-based methods. I just don’t trust any of it due to my paranoia over which sites are legit and which are “monitored”. It’s all a crapshoot in my opinion.

I’m lucky, somewhat. I have hardcore bodybuilding friends (not pros, just some real experienced trainers who have been doing this for a very very long time) who I obtain my stuff from. I don’t delve too deeply into their methods of obtaining the stuff, I just know that what I get is legit due to the results.

Your issue is a good one. Many beginners are in the same state you are: paranoid; excited; and full of expectations. You never know until you try them. Then again, you never know your true natural limits until you try other training methods, diets, etc. Everyone makes a choice, and there are pros and cons with each and every one. [/quote]

You made a very good point SMUT Warrior. All of it was nicely said.