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Want To Use Steroids - Need Help


hello T-Nation,

I really need help on trying to get steroids. Someone has to of been in my shoes and scared of getting into this (such as where to get them and everything). I am totally lost on where to buy them (how to get them in general), and the correct dosages. I've researched through probably 25 sites that say they have steroids. Though I'm not sure that they're safe and reliable. I mean there has to be someone out there that has sufficiently found a site, received them, and used them and everything was good. So now I am wondering what's the best place to get them. I've considered just going to Tijuana, Mexico to buy steroids, but I don't have the time to do so. That's why I'd rather get them over the internet. So here's some questions.

  1. Has anyone ever placed a order at "www.PharmaEurope.com"? It looks like a reliable website, but once again I'm posting all of this just for reassurance of the best sites and best steroids to get. And if it's not the best site, what other place is safe and good to use?

  2. Anyone know if Dianabol and Winstrol are the best choices? For a side note, I think I'd rather take the steroids oral than injective just because I think I'd do better with the oral steroids.

  3. How should I take my cycle with the steroid that you think is good.

  4. I'm confused by how these company's on the internet don't get closed down or something and how people even received there packages in America without getting caught

I'm sorry if anyone thinks these questions are stupid, but hey I'm new to this world and I need experts like all of you guys on here. I need people who have done this before me so I don't screw everything up for myself.

I thank everyone tremendously that help me on this issue of mine. I've been a reader on here for a while and everyone on here knows what they're talking about(with the steroids in general).

Thank you all!!


First off, give us your real stats, your 1rep max's on the big three, years training. Post some pics and shit to show everyone what you look like (size wise). Get Anthony Roberts' book. Don't just jump into things. Give it time, we've all been there. Then consider the amount of time you have been training and your goals. Then people will be glad to help you.


Just signed up today to ask this? Hmm.


i don't believe i will get much response from this since i just read the "Steroid Newbie Thread (Help Build It Vets!)"

so I guess I wont be getting that much help anyways. you can still think I'm a cop or something, but I'm not.

So I'll leave it there. If anyone could still help it would be nice anyways.


Actually no, I just signed up with this name about like 30 minutes ago because I have friends that know my "other" name and I don't want them see that I'm asking about steroids and "where to get them".

Like I said before. I never saw the Steroid Newbie Thread (Help Build It Vets). So in reality I would of never really made this post if I would of saw that in the first place and secondly I don't want people to post to this anymore because all they'll say is you're a cop, you just signed up today!!


post your shit man. Give it a try


For some reason, it never occurred the me that there might be cops watching this site intently.

Kind of creepy..



hope no one will know who I am, but I'm a shot putter (in college). Have had 5 years training. Hence why I need this. Fuck every other Top damn shot putter does this shit. Cough, Adam Nelson... Cough, John Godina...

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 275 (usually 290 off-season)

Bench: 395
Squat: 510
Clean: 325
DL: 575



I'm in your shoes right now. I want to get into trying a cycle, but I'm doing my research. There are articles on here and other places that help you understand AAS. As someone else mentioned, get Anthony Roberts book. AAS w/ PCT will be costly. Make sure you have EVERYTHING before you start. Figure out a cycle that you want to try and then come on here and ask if it's alright and what needs to be "tweaked".



Okay after reading all of this shit on steroids about "how to get them" and everything I'm scared shitless. Like in the "Getting the Gear" article it's saying

...Most importantly, if your stuff gets seized by customs you will receive a letter informing you of the seizure. Do NOT go try to pick up your package. Signing for a package of banned substances acts as an admission of guilt. Write it off as lost. This is simply part of the game and will happen occasionally no matter how careful you try to be. You may also consider never using that particular address again....

I think I'd rather gulp 300 grams of Creatine a day than going to prison for half a century.


Danny John Never used steroids and he's a great thrower.


..and do you personally know that Adam Nelson is using?? i mean personally - you've seen him inject/take tabs/caps or maybe he told you himself?

Hard to believe



I used m1t for a week and im 17
i regret and realized its a waste to take in the winter with no one to see my gains. should i still be taking tribulus when i just want to clear my body


Start your own thread, don't hijack.

And trib is worthless for a 17 year old, if you're shut down you need to run a PCT or go to a doctor and tell them what you did.


How old are you? I'm assuming early 20's. I know the most prominant position is don't do roids till your 21, but I disagree. I had my biggest gains in my 20's. Actually I made pretty good gains in my 30's but some help would have been nice. I did my fist cycle at 40 and am very glad I waited, did a lot of research, was well prepared etc.

Think long and hard before you risk what you've already worked so hard for, you've got time on your side and sometimes working a little harder than you thought possible will yield incredible results. Anyway your test levels are still pretty good through your 20's and I think a lot of people would do themselves a favor by waiting until their 28-30 before hitting gear.


This is one of the biggest cluster fuck threads I've seen.




He's a great guy too, incidentally.


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I want to thank Bushy for actually answering the question.

I personally have never obtained the stuff via web-based methods. I just don't trust any of it due to my paranoia over which sites are legit and which are "monitored". It's all a crapshoot in my opinion.

I'm lucky, somewhat. I have hardcore bodybuilding friends (not pros, just some real experienced trainers who have been doing this for a very very long time) who I obtain my stuff from. I don't delve too deeply into their methods of obtaining the stuff, I just know that what I get is legit due to the results.

Your issue is a good one. Many beginners are in the same state you are: paranoid; excited; and full of expectations. You never know until you try them. Then again, you never know your true natural limits until you try other training methods, diets, etc. Everyone makes a choice, and there are pros and cons with each and every one.