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Want to Try Sheiko


I want to train with the Sheiko system for a meet in November but am unclear on a few things.

  1. For a 12-13 week cycle would you recommend using 29-37-32 or 29-37-5 week comp cycle? ( as described here: http://www.elitefts.com/sheiko/ )
  2. From what I understand the bench % given are a bit low and one should base #s on a max 5% or so higher?
  3. Do you raise your training max each cycle or am I getting this confused with 5-3-1?
  4. From what level are rack deadlifts? Below the knees?

Any information would be appreciated thanks in advance!


  1. You can either do 29-37-32 or do the 13 week program as presented in the article "Sheiko Shakes up Powerlifting." That program is very similar to 29-37-32 for the record, and I had very good success with it.

  2. First, pause all of your bench reps. If you go through the first 4 week cycle and it is easy THEN consider adding and still error on the conservative side.

  3. Since 37 is much higher volume and slightly higher intensity I would definitely consider keeping the maxes the same. As you get used to Sheiko raising squat and deadlift maxes by 10 pounds and bench maxes by 5 pounds each volume block is done by some people. After the first 4 weeks deadlift was extremely easy so I decided to raise my max by 10 pounds, I kept squats the same.

  4. Right around the bottom of the knee will work.


very helpful mrodock, thank you