Want to Try One of Your New Programs

Hello, I want to focus on mass, and I don’t really know which one to try between your Mass Blueprint, Strong as you look and High frequency muscle building.

I can only train 5 times a week since I work during gym hours on the weekend.
I didn’t progress much on the 2A program, at least strength wise. This year got good result with a traditional split and very good gains with your Developmental Olympic Program, smashing squat and OHP plateaus.

Thanks if you have pointers!

All the new programs are 4 days a week, so that wont be a problem. And they all use my system of whole body training 3x a week once with an eccentric emphasis, once with an isometric emphasis and once with a regular lifting emphasis. And there is a 4th workout that depends on the program but is normally lower stress stuff.

coach is the body composition bootcamp that is coming up 4 days per week as well?

Thanks fot the answer. But on the Mass blueprint the first phase is 6 days right? Maybe I could cycle them? Otherwise I’ll pick another

yes, but we offer advice for people who want to add extra work

Right, you are correct. Sorry about that.

No problem I’ll pick Gros cut fort or High frequency. Which would you recommend most for overall mass in the upper body/beach muscle as an intermediate

Sounds good. With my new job and hours I really only have 3-4 days per week to train. I have an event in April that I want to get in the best shape as possible for and the training camp seems like it will go up until then. Gonna join along for that one :+1:

Ill be done with your performance beast program by the start of it too. Awesome program as I am on week 8 and have hit lifetime PRs in front squat, back squat and bench press. The program is hard AF and keeps you honest in terms of your recovery. Off to do the power clean session right now hoping to hit a PR.