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Want to Try. Best/Safest Way to Feel High Testosterone?

Hello. I’ve got very low T for my age, on the bottom lines of accepted ranges, feel shitty and so on.

I’m considering TRT since I tried everything naturally to increase my testosterone.

But I would first want to try what it feels to have high test WITHOUT commiting. Usually most of the supplements I’ve taken or tried to take make me feel uncomfortable in some ways. There are very few supplements I can take without feeling further shitty.

The first option I checked was to take chlomid. But I heard it has some shitty side effects and can make me ffel very bad, I also do not know if my own T production will not go further down.

Second option they offered me is to take one anabolic steroid for 3-4 days - turinabol. A guy told me it will raise my testosterone within few hours of taking it and for such short time it will NOT affect own T production and I can just stop it. Is that correct?

Third option they offered me is to take one small dose of testosterone propynat, a dosage for administering twice a week(to take only the first one). I was told this kind of T goes very qucik in the system and I will feel it immediately and after only one dosage own production will not be affected. But I read that especially this kind of test can make you aggressive and I think I’m very succeptible to such side effects.

So which of these three is the best and safest idea just to feel what it is to have a high T?

That’s not how things work

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Ok, but this reply doesn’t help me much

You cant just take one dose to experience what having high serum and free levels will feel like. It’s not like taking caffeine where 20 min later you are getting the full effects. You actually may feel worse for your first week or two of treatment likw i did before I started feeling better. Just do alot of reading

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What do you mean by “high testosterone”?

I suggest the third option and with any of the esters. You could take it for 8-12 weeks to see what it feels like and discontinue if you’d like.

Propionate does get into your system a little quicker due to its shorter ester and out due to the shorter half life, thus the need for twice weekly dosing. It will shut down your own HPTA. Not so sure you will feel it immediately though, that is the case with aqueous test or suspension, which is water based.

I think this is BS. Most guys have the opposite response, as feeling better, better sex, etc., usually makes them happy. A few may react to higher estrogen, but I don’t believe that is the norm.

So for one-two months with any of the esters I can just stop and my own production will not be affected? Won’t I feel the hight T in less time?

Why dont you just start TRT? If you’ve exhausted all efforts to raise your natural production and it hasn’t worked why go on feeling the way you are? If you start TRT and your T is within normal range I highly doubt youd feel worse then you do now. I know it’s a huge commitment but what the alternative? Feeling like shit?

Dude, I explain again. I’m not yet commited to TRT and there is a possibility I feel worse. And my test levels are not so low at least according to the doctors. So I want to try high testosterone with the ability to “go back”.

Nobody discussed the taking of clomid?

It will be, but for a short period. This would not be unlike running a steroid cycle.

You should, most feel the benefits in two to four weeks, partially dependent on how much you take and where you are starting from. Some guys take a long time to “dial in”.

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No fuck the clomid.
Start TRT at 100mg a week, stay on for a few months. If you feel worse (which common sense would dictate you wont) then do a pct and get off it again. If it works then stay on. It’s pretty simple mate

Why should I fuck with the clomid, what is wrong with it?

Because it’s a temporary fix and it’s a bitch of drug to use.

Some people say they have managed to keep their LH after stopping Clomid.

Well is your LH the problem? Have you got blood tests to show its low T in conjunction with low LH?

LH S 3.43 IU/L 1.70 - 8.60 ECLIA
FSH S 1.28 IU/L 1.5 - 12.40 ECLIA
Prolactin S 367 mIU/L 84.80 - 318 ECLIA
Estradiol S 28.76 ng/L 7.63 - 42.60 ECLIA
Free Testosteron S 11 ng/l 8.30 - 40.10 RIA

Okay fair point, by all means try a clomid cycle and see where you end up. I noticed you said most supplements make you uncomfortable, well clomid is not a very nice drug to most people so you’ll likely feel worse then on any supplements you were taking. That’s why nolva is the choice for pct of clomid.

That’s why nolva is the choice for pct of clomid.

What does it mean?

Nolvadex is the preferred choice for post cycle therapy over clomid due to clomids nasty sides

I do remember reading somewhere that LH can be maintained to a degree after treatment with clomid. Not sure if that’s long term fix though.

This isn’t pct though. Clomid is used off-label as a monotherapy for guys with low testosterone. Nolva is not to my knowledge used the same way. Clomid monotherapy can work. But it’s not a permanent fix most of the time.