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Want to Try a First Cycle

Been out of the service since 2012 got lazy for a few years and started training again. I train about 6 days a week. I’ve gotten my body down to a point where I’m not gaining or losing with normal training. I had a Test level test done and my levels are around 400. Im 33, 6’4", 280lbs at about 20% bf.

I want to try my first cycle and see what results I can achieve. Here is my thought of a first cycle.

10 week Cycle Test E
250mg twice a week Mon/Thur
HCG IU 3 times over a 10 day span
Nolva 20mg ED for 3 weeks 4 days after last HCG

Been doing a bit of reading I think this will be the best starting point for a first time. Any Thoughts?

What about after your cycle? I know you mentioned a PCT but your levels are so low to begin with. You going to be shutting down your natural production, its probably going to come back lower. You will lose any gains you made after your Test is depleted. You considered looking long term? What about TrT? Get your Test levels steady at a good level, then blast and cruise in a year or two. Yo could blast with higher doses of Test then just cruise on your TrT doses.

TrT would be great…They won’t put me on it until I drop below that threshold.

There are ways to help you get down there. Sleep depreviation, poor diet, alcohol, some nuts. Google search more.

The nite before you were to have labs drawn, no sleep. That should help a lot. You could go private clinic or Dr. Your levels are already low enough.

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actually was doing some reading. it just so happens I had a vasectomy and have a f/u in Dec. didn’t cross my mind to ask them instead of my primary care. ill have to give it a try thanks for the advice.

but once I get those levels strait with a TrT does the cycle I have outlined look like a decent place to start? or will it have to change?

The cycle looks fine. But if you start a cycle, then show up for lab work for your primary, you could jeopardize chances with TrT. I would request a referral to endo because that Endo could require you to have 2 labs showing Low T.

I didnt see any AI to have on hand for the cycle. Just to have on hand for def signs of gyno. I wouldnt be taking a scheduled dose as you could inadvertently lower your E2

I can add that to the list, but I’m gonna try to go the TrT route first. if I can get on that then may see some results improve and give me a while before I need to think about that first cycle, Thanks for the advice

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Hopefully more of the guys will respond for AI’s. I have never taken one. I have only done TrT and higher dose of TrT. For the long run, TrT is the way to go. Then you can get yourself right, then play with the Blasting and Cruising.

Good luck.

I’m confused by your statement here. You are willing to go UGL for a cycle but not for long term TRT if a Doc says you’re not qualified?

maybe It just came off wrong. I want and have wanted to have a TrT for long term treatment, thats why I’ve had Test levels checked in the past. That being said, I was never referred to the Endo because the primary care Doc did not see a problem with my levels. A lot of this is a new territory for me thats the point of me asking

Gotta keep looking and trying. There’s entire threads dedicated to the stupidity of Drs. Just be prepared to stand up for yourself and possibly take over your own treatment.

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Thanks for the advice!

I started self treating about 5 years ago. Before I wasn’t getting treated for how I felt, just what my numbers were. Now I take matters into my own hands and I probably went a little wild in the beginning and has some issues but its all settled down now. I usually run about 2 blasts a year. I’m 53.


If it comes down to that with me, what did you self treat with

I run 250 mg Test eth/week divided into 2 shots

I’ve been on trt for almost 1 year now. In retrospect I would say any worthwhile advice I received was from this forum. I went through three different docs. Dont get me wrong all of them were more than willing to prescribe me testosterone but it was painfully obvious they did have a clue what they were talking about. Hell the first doc openly said he didnt have a clue. I finally just took a script from one doc and did my own thing. I’m still doing my own thing. Things seem to be changing with prescription testosterone and it’s now officially cheaper for me to run ugl testosterone. Paid 150 bucks for a 10ml bottle last week and I can get the same 10ml bottle ugl for 80. Its a joke.

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Dude! That’s still super expensive for a good ugl vial of Test. I pay $38 for great shit. Damn I wish I could tell you where. Domestic source too.

Stud, you’ve been told about flaunting that milkshake for all the boys. I mean if you really wanted to reach someone, you could make a gmail or anonymous email account and say if you wanted to reach me outside of here, you could email me at Studhammer @ gmail dot com

Not sure if that is allowed but cant hurt no one.

I pay 90$+ per vial for UGL, sometimes up to 130$, and for pharm grade on the BM I pay 150$+ for 3mls (750mg), for a script I pay like 40$ for 3ml. If I ever need to run a cycle of primo (an AAS that’s known for being expensive) UGL would cost me about 620$+ for 500mg/wk for ten weeks and pharm grade primo would set me back 1000$+ for the same amount for the same period of time. I could do it, but there’s no point in me doing so, just showcasing how expensive it is here lol.

Pretty sure you can’t give email adresses, you MIGHT get away with giving a reddit username, I’ve done it on a few occasions and no trouble has ever arisen (granted I never gave my reddit username away for source talk). The problem with giving email/reddit or whatever on the forum is you can’t definitavely proove studhammer is even the one contacting you, I could pretend to be studhammer, granted there wouldn’t really be a point in doing so but you get my drift, it def opens up opportunities to get scammed.