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Want to Try a Cycle, Need Advice


powerlifter, 36 yo, training serious for 3 years, weight 225 lbs. about 25% bf height 5'7,

my friend gave me test propionate 100mg and trenbelone acetate 100 mg

I cant really get my hands on anything else so he said that this would be a good first cycle,


You havent actually asked a question but for what its worth:

-Tren ace and test prop is my fave combo
-Requires alot of pinning

Is this your first cycle? Do you have a plan of action? Do you have HCG and an AI? Do you have a PCT protocol? At 25% percent bf is your diet and training really at a stage where progress can only be made with aas?


sorry my question was is this good for a first cycle? I don’t have HCG, AI, or PCT protocol. this is why I am asking, I do not want to just jump into it with out the right knowledge,



sorry my question was, is this a good first cycle? I do not have HCG AI or a PCT protocol. this is why I need help,


Well sounds like you need to do your research like everyone else. Plenty of information available. Come back when you have at least a basic plan.