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Want to Train, Just Need Guidance

Hi all im from the uk and im 19 stone. 6 stone over weight. I dont no whats best for my situation. And i want to train like a bat out of hell. I want to be 15 stone fit and quite ripped i guess.

I just dont no anything about products workouts and DIET.

I really want to help myself, Just need guidance on how to do this properly.

THANKS in advance.

basic rundown
age 28
19 stone
5 feet 11



Read those 2 threads slowly and carefully first.

  1. Nutrition & Proper Rest are the most important things that make or break all the effort you put in lifting weights and doing cardiovascular excercise: swimming, running, jump-roping, climbing, cycling, etc.
  • Nutrition now is popularly broken down into 6 meals a day.
  • Proper rest equals 7-8 hours a day
  1. You’ll have to remember that most people use LBs, or KGs, here. But no worries I went and referenced the actual numbers.

You are : 266lbs if 1stone = 14lbs
You desire to be 210lbs - leaned out?

So you’re looking to get in shape and lose a lot of fat at the same time, also sounds like you’ll be looking to lose roughly 65-85+ lbs of body fat, and adding on a healthy amount of muscle to be 210 strong, and in good shape. o.O

Is this the proper translation?

Also you have no experience whatsoever in eating, excercising, or supplements.

What most people will tell you is to stay away from supplements for 1-3 months of excercise then add them in and see how they affect your workouts. But make sure you read those 2 threads first and go through and read everything and check through the supplementary links also found in those 2 threads I posted.

Best of Luck.

Yes that is the correct translation. its exactly what i want.

I just dont no whats best for my body i have been told not to run. due to my weight and strain on the knees.

Im getting weights very soon and was also told hi reps low weights is this correct?

And thank you very much for putting the time and effort into your post.

I would love a training program that i can see on paper and just work with.

High reps low weight? What the hell o.O

Okay then how about we do this:

If you could provide a front, side, and back picture that would be helpful so I have a better idea.

Walk an hour in the morning, or when you wake…?

Do you have access to a gym?
If so, instead of running, how about you start off with one of the machines, I suggest the ellipticals, or cycle.

  • your preference
  • additional method : swimming an hour.
  • break a sweat
  • Cut out fast food, no soda either, tho you know 1 coke a day doesn’t hurt that much but if you want to make significant gains, the first step is to redraw and redo your diet so it promotes fat loss, and muscle growth?
  • Switch from simple to complex carbohydrates. Brown Rice, Whole Grain Unprocessed stuff.
  • search articles for : nutrition
    You want to aim for 6 meals a day so your body doesn’t go into fat storage mode, smaller more filling meals, some carbs, vegetables, and good protein.
  • Try 30-45 minutes of weight lifting
  • 8-10 reps x 3-4 sets per excercise you do. Consider your first set as a warmup set. Work on form because you need to learn how to connect your mind and the work with the muscle involved. The closer that connection the more you will be able to do overtime.
  • 3-4 days a week.
  • simplified format: workout 1 day, rest 1 day, workout 1 day rest 1 day, visa versa. Each weightlifting day switch between upper body and lower body.
  • mainly this simplified version is provided because I assume you don’t want anything complex yet and you haven’t made the time to actually go and read the beginners thread, and the faq thread, and other articles.

** I stress that you should do that as soon as possible and get to learning. Enrich your mind, and get to growing within so you know what you need to do.

as you are now the best thing is to introduce cardio activity, I’m not sure if your knees will suffer from running, so that’s why I recommended the other alternatives.

key lifts :
squat, deadlift, benchpress, military/shoulder press (barbells=bb), barbell rows

I find the more I write the more I feel like this would take endless days, so I’ll stop while I realize the connundrum I am in.

Now make sure to visit the links listed earlier, and start reading articles :)tho if you have specific questions, feel free to post and I’m sure people can help you as time permits!

There are plenty of workouts available in the articles section. Get to reading!

One more thing :

Set a goal, what type of physique do you want? Does it have a purpose? Once you have decided visualize it and don’t give up, just every 1-3 months evaluate your progress and change to something else as it’s good to keep your body guessing.

It’s good to take progress photos, every 2-4 weeks is good enough.

Other things that can help you :

Eating Journal

Workout Journal

So you can review your progress week by week. So you know where you are and whether or not your sticking to your new lifestyle.

You really should read the 2 links that Kinein provided, they provide a lot of information that could help you avoid the confusion that a lot of people find themselves with.

Also I would recommend just focusing on the basics to start with, both in terms of training and nutrition. What follows next (assuming you follow this through) will be a shock to the system and there’s no need to worry about minor details at this stage.

And as for the high reps low weight stuff it can play a part as a finisher but this would be one of the things to forget for now.

Tampa terry said some good stuff here


My input would be- eat more protein- lots lots more. And eat much less carbs. Eat carbs only in the Postworkout period.

Both of the guys posting above me made useful suggestions. No offense intended to you xeudua, but at your stage now, most things will make a big difference. Good luck

Yeah with no workout history youll see a difference after a few months of training. But REMEBER training is a life long commitment.