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Want to Take a Break

So In a few weeks I want to get off everything for a bit and see how I feel plus let my body rest up some. My hair has started thinning some and I’m hoping it thickens up as well. Is there any problem with stopping everything? I’ve read a little about pct but not quite sure I understand it. Do I have to do anything special to stop everything? Do I just taper my dosages for a bit?

Depends on how long you’ve been on I hear. The longer you’ve been on the longer it may take your system to come back online to where you were prior to starting the treatment. PCT with HCG may help.

@systemlord can probably answer this well. He quit cold turkey awhile back.

I think of doing the same sometimes, all hoping that my HPTA will kick back in and produce more T than it has in years past. Wishful thinking though.

Well I have been on hcg the whole time…

You may come out just fine then since you technically haven’t really closed up shop.

You lost me. What do you mean “Rest up”? TRT isn’t taxing on the body, it’s the opposite. Running a cycle can be taxing on things - but that’s presumably not what you’re doing. The hair is gone though, it isn’t coming back once it goes. That’s just what you are programmed for, it just maybe would have happened a little slower with low T but not necessarily.


Well my test numbers have been running around 1100 so I thought I might give it a break for a month or so and see if I get hair growth back. I don’t believe that my genetics had me losing hair. I’ve always had too thick of hair where they use thinning shears etc when I get my hair cut. My dad has a full head of hair and my 90 year old grandpa still has hair. I don’t know if it’s the cream that raises dht or the injections but my hair has started thinning pretty good and never has. I thought it might thicken if I lowered my dht for a bit

And just thought i might see how I felt without everything for a while is all. I read about a lot of people taking breaks off so thought it was a thing?

It’s a thing for people running steroid cycles. People on TRT for low testosterone are on for life because their testosterone was low before they started. Are you on TRT because you have low T? Or are you running a cycle?

I had low test it was borderline low for age. It was roughly 320 with a free T of 6.

The key question is whether you are primary hypo or secondary. Since you have been on hCG with TRT, the answer to this question determines whether when you go off test whether you go through a trough of <100 ng/dL (primary) or keep in hCG (take out test) then trough may be 200-300 ng/dL.

Do you know? Going below 100 ng/dL is no fun.

Cream tends to increase DHT more. You could go all injections no cream to have a similar TT and FT, but not as high of DHT.

Hair loss is genetic. TRT or cycling can speed that up. You could try Minodrixil to regain some hair.

Ok saw this after I posted. Appears you were secondary (again if you didn’t do hCG montherapy I can’t be sure), so key concern is suppression you had on TRT and how quickly you can recover and what you recover to. If you drop TRT and keep hCG you will be able to see relative testicle function loss you experienced on TRT.

Fun experiment but may not be fun to experience.

So if everyone is saying hair loss is genetic yet I’m thinning now when I never have at 37, could it be the hcg or anastrazole?

I wasn’t thinning at 37 either, that I am aware of. My younger brother was thinning in his late 20’s. I have been thinning slowly since my early 40’s, but still have plenty of hair. Of course, my hair was too thick to get a regular comb through when I was a teenager.

Baldness is passed from your mother. Its your mom’s dad or grandfather that is a good indicator of you being bald.

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If it is passed from your mother, why would your mom get it from her father, and not her mother? Wouldn’t the same rule of her getting it from her mother apply?

That supposedly is not true. Couldn’t say for sure. Neither side of my family has hair issues.

My grandpa on mom side has a ton of hair at 90

I don’t understand genetic trait inheritance to a high level at all, but the mother’s father thing doesn’t make logical sense to me. I thought it was a fair statistical chance between both parents on what gets passed down (I do know there is something to dominate and non dominate traits too, IIRC those can make trait inheritance less than fair odds?). Someone please correct me if you understand this stuff and I am wrong.

Basically, you can use pundit squares to figure out your odds of a trait or not.