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Want to Stop My First Dbol Cycle. Have Taken 140mg Total in 4 Days

Hi, I started my first dbol solo cycle, took 140mgs total, split in 4 days, had taken 100 on monday, now took 40 more. I want to stop as I understand that this was a mistake. I am 19 and I just dont want to fu** my hormones up as I have my own high test. I have had great test as I am young, and work out a lot, for about 3 years. Has there been any damage done, if you know ? Is my test already fycked after these 140mgs of Dbol ? DO i need pct ( I would rather not do it, if possible) ?

Am I gonna be fine after these 140 mgs ? Please help with my mistake!

Thank you.

You will very likely be fine, four days won’t cause any permanent damage and any suppression to the HPTA should be very minimal, PCT isn’t needed in my nonprofessional opinion (this is not medical advice, take what I say with a grain of salt). I must ask though, why dbol only, what is the fascination with dbol only cycles? If you WERE going to cycle at your age (most cases this is a terrible idea), why not just run test? Dbol will fuck up your lipid profile, test won’t (all AAS have a somewhat negative impact on an individuals cholesterol however c17AA steroids exhibit a far worse negative impact)

You’re totally fine. Nothing required after a few days

Don’t even worry about it. No big deal. Kudos to you for making the decision to wait. Smart man.

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