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Want to Step Up My Dosage of TRT from 250 to 500

@KSman dont know how to send a DM so…
This is my first post ever for a t thread, and I have been reading on the subject for about 10 months slowly to learn, all the while taking trt. so long story short the clinic i go to found me “sweet spot” for a 32 year old male, 6’6" 250lbs. was a dose of 220cyp /wk 1mg arimidex. and HCG my labs at 750 t on a 7 day draw. and 25 e2. i can get other stats just dont remember of the top of my head. But the costs have been a little exspensive. So I ordered test cyp 250. luqiud arimedex, and liquid clomid. and my old boss and trainer. said to up my dose to 500mg t a week. 1mg arimedex EOD. and clomid every morning and every night. question is, is this to high of a dosage to cruise on. or what do you recommend “@KSman” . i can and will be checking any blood levels needed. as i am trying to learn and categorize all the science behind it in my head. cause i have made the choice as of last year to be on trt for the rest of my life. So yall you can prolly send me some links cuase, im sure you have been over this in the past, and i love to learn. I hope this post doesn’t fall on any deaf ears. cause i got tired of reading on some crappy website. with some crappy thread. and some idiots advice. thanks guys. and preciate that in advance.

500mg/wk is not a cruise dose. That’s a standard blast. Your e2 is fine, maybe a little low, but now you’re going to triple the dosage while doubling the test? And you’re going to add a SERM while blasting? That’s not going to end well. Please don’t listen to whomever told you that was a good idea.

Stick to your original protocol if you were feeling good on it.

yes i will be taking liquid clomid every morning and night. and finasteride. and if that is not a good idea how do i up my dosage to where i can up my t levels and keep the balance of t and e2. i have been reading alot so do kinda under stand some of the science behind it if anyone wants to go into detail. and how does that triple my dosage?

i do but i know i can up it a little cause it all a balancing act. the clinic said they have to keep me in range so my insurance is happy. but i feel someone out there has a higher cruise dose and some science behind it

Going from 1mg/wk to 3mg/wk is tripling your dosage of Arimidex. And 220mg test/wk is your cruise dose. You said you feel good on that dose. If you want to run a blast then just say “I want to run a blast at 500mg/wk” and go for it. I still don’t understand the Clomid while on cycle, but that’s your call.

Well I wanna blast. But for how long. And the Clomid keeps my balls working
and producing during the whole process. Like the hcg does on my trt. So how
long and strong can I blast. And how long and stone should I blast guys.
Y’all are giving me much to go off of.

And has anyone here done a blast for an extended amount of time. Then gone
back to the trt recipe my doctor got to after a year of trt. And does it
require anything extra other than e2 blockers and serms. I was addicted to
the science that got my t numbers balanced in first place. Just feel I
could go higher and cruise there. The try clinic said they could but they
didn’t want any trouble with my insurance. Please help guys

The Clomid keeps your balls working. That’s interesting. Because I’ve never seen any evidence that it does any such thing. HCG will keep your testes functioning while on testosterone, but I’ve never heard of anyone using a SERM on cycle for that purpose. Because that’s not what they do. At all. You use HCG to keep LH and FSH at normal levels while you’re shut down from the testosterone. A SERM will absolutely not help with that. If you want your balls to keep working then use the HCG on your blast. There’s a reason every endo in the world uses it for trt patients.

You can blast for 10 weeks. Or 20. It all depends on how your body responds to being in a state of supraphysiological testosterone. I guess 10 would be a good minimum? But some guys go as few as six weeks when they have a specific goal. I’ve read about guys who do a 20 week blast (usually with something like EQ or Primo) and then go back to TRT. You’ll have to zero in on your goals and then estimate how long you think it’ll take to get there while blasting. And then your body will tell you if it’s been too long or too harsh. Only you know how you feel once you’re into your blast. So probably some trial and error.

U were more right than I was after the video.

What would be be good dosages of arimedex and t and hcg. Then when I go back to trt. Go back to my docs formula we found that worked. And just a heads up to keep me e2 In check. I had to take 1mg or arimedex at home of shot. And most of the patients there take .25-.5 a week. And so no Clomid ever?

What dosages do you recommend for the t ,e2 blockers and, serms. During blast

HCG is usually run at 500iu/wk, split into two doses. If you are in need of a higher dose of Arimidex then go ahead and take what works. The problem is that without blood work while on your blast you will be guessing about your e2 level. My doc started me at .5mg 2x/wk and it wasn’t enough, so I understand how you could need more than the average patient. Just be careful and don’t crash your e2. It’ll be worse than if it’s a little high.

As far as the test I’d say that the standard cycle is 500mg/wk, so there’s no reason why that wouldn’t work on a blast.

Don’t get me wrong, Clomid has its uses. But taking it on cycle is usually done by guys who are combating gyno or are very prone to it. It works great to restart your test production, but in order for it to be really effective you have to be in a low androgen state (for example right after a cycle). I don’t see the need to take it when you’re just going to be running a simple test blast. With all these drugs you have the risk of potential side effects, so if you can eliminate the need for one of them you might be better off. I’m sure there are guys that swear by SERMs on cycle. I remain unconvinced l, just based on the scientific data we have.

So maybe do like 1mg arimedex like 2 twice a week. When i start then go get
my e2 tested. And take the hcg when I have taken my second dose of arimedex
for the week. And I do have a little gyno and would love for it to go away.
And I can will get blood work done during cycle. Only problem is my person
I’m getting the t from gets Clomid and I get my hcg from the trt clinic. So
if I can’t get to hcg while I’m blasting would it hurt to run the Clomid
for on cycle then go back to hcg when I get back on my t therapy for a
cruise. For a couple months. And he is sending finastirde to contact
conversion of dht. Cause the first time I took a dose of two cc’s in one
week I got some backne. And some tightness in my prostate.

I’ve never heard anyone being happy that they took finasteride. Look into the side effects, both short term and long term. It’s a nasty drug. And if you can’t get enough HCG for the blast then I guess you can take the Clomid.

So did i get pimples on my back from dht conversion? If so 500 a week may
not be good for me. Cause I really don’t want any of those side effects.
Sorry just digging in so I make the right decisions.

And returning to hcg after Clomid should return my system back to normal
after about 10 weeks on it

You kind of have to live with the acne if you’re on test and you’re already prone to it. I’m 35 and I get it on my back and shoulders just from my trt dose. It’s part of the whole package. Buy some Neutrogena Body Clear shower gel, hit a tanning bed twice a week for 8-10 minutes each time, use a good body moisturizer that is made for oily skin. Considering the benefits of testosterone I would say some minor body acne is a good trade off.