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Want to Start TRT Without a Doctor or Good Lab Available for Guidance

Hi people, I want to start TRT and have no professional help available.
i´m 40 and I live on a small Island in the Caribbean. There are no age clinics here or knowledgable doctors available. My uncle is a doctor and he is willing to help me with prescriptions, he just doesn´t know much about TRT. I have to find out things myself. I´ve read bits and pieces and how to´s here and there and I basically just want to know a guide or flowchart on what to do.The only product available here on the island is Primoteston 250 mg Testosterone Enantate. 100 mg is not an option. Its prohibited also to import testosteron myself. I have to use the 250mg testosteron enantate.
I measured my testosteron (just says ¨Testosteron¨on my laboratory results, no detail about Total Testosteron or Free Testosteron or Bioavailable Testosteron. I measured my testosteron 3 times and it came up as 340, 420, and 380.
My uncle read some things in his old dusty book and prescribed me with 250 mg Testosterone Enantate every 3 weeks, he injected me one time but I stopped as after reading some more i read injecting only one time every weak has the risk of coming with low T at the end of the 3 weeks and I want a constant T level. Also I stopped because I found out about Estrogen and that it will go up. I know nothing and try to read as much as possible and I´m worried there might be a ton of other things I just dont know. Right now I want to continue and have the following plan, could you comment on if you think its sensible?

-Inject 250mg every 2 weeks(I could perhaps use only 200 and throw away the other 50mg), measure weekly my testosteron and estradiol to gather a chart after a few months of measuring. Just try to keep my testosteron in the 700-1000 range and adjust my dose till that happens.
-If my estradiol gets to high, start taking very low doses of Aromatase inhibitors or some other estradiol lowering medicine till it lowers to lower values again (Also again, the lab here is very unspecific. just lists estradiol, nothing about E2 which im reading I need to check, I just have Estradiol available as a thing on the results to check)
I´m missing a ton of things? Is this workflow recommendable? It sucks I don´t live in a bigger country with guidance available.i need to find out things myself. I stopped after my first injection which was in september 2018 because I don´t want to experiment too much and after taking testosterone I found out I needed perhaps an aromatase inhibitor and I just dont know if there are more unknowns. Or should I forget about the estradiol part and just inject my 250mg every 2 weeks?
When I get a labtest form from my doctor, I don´t even see options available for testing free testosterone or bioavailable testosterone in the hormone section. I see the following list:
TSH, FT4, PTH, Costisol, LH, FSH, Prolactine, Estradiol, Progesteron, Testosteron, 25-OH Vit D, β-HCG.

Is the path I describe for myself recommendable? What would you perhaps do if you lived in a place with less specific tests results available apart form just testosteron and estradiol and if you lived in a place without knowledgable doctors?
Sorry if I perhaps post something others have asked, dont want to clog up the forum .

You should inject 50mg twice weekly and see how you feel, if estrogen is high or you feel little benefit, then increase injection frequencies by injecting smaller doses more often. I do this and it works to lower estrogen and keep levels more stable.

I inject 20mg every 2 days and estrogen is lower than if I do 50mg twice weekly and estrogen is even lower on 10mg daily. Inject using 29 gauge insulin syringes in shoulders and quads.

The common denominator here is the smaller and more frequent the dosage, the lower the estrogen and the steadier the levels.

Testosteron is testosterone or Total testosterone.

Solid protocols for starting out:
50mg twice weekly
20-25mg every 2 days
7-12mg daily

Avoid AI’s if you can help it, micro dose and forget about taking an entire pill for god sake.

Great thanks a lot. This seems like a safe thing to do. Too bad I have 250mg injectable portions only here available. Using a bit and saving the rest is dangerous for contamination right?.Will try to see if I can start a route to request smaller portions from the pharmacy. See if they´re willing to make special orders for me.

You can preload five syringes with 50 mg each and they will stay sterile as long as you practice good technique and keep everything capped until you need it,

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