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Want to Start a PL Routine...

I’ve been lifting seriously for about 3-4 months using a bodybuilding routine. I’m 18,5’9", and have gone from 120 lbs to 135. I mainly want to gain strength so I want to start a powerlifting routine. Am I physically prepared to do this, or should I stick with higher reps for now? Also, how should this routine look? What assistive exercises should I do? How do I avoid overtraining; should I go forward with my squat workout if I’m still a bit sore from deadlifts?

Thank you for any input!

Obviously you know that your main focus has got to be to continue to gain size and strength together. Hopefully you’ve read around the forums and understand just how important eating is in getting both bigger and stronger.

To answer your question, I think powerlifting training would be great for a beginner. I know that I started (not too long ago) on the Westside for Skinny Bastards program and I loved the incentive of trying to push my lifts up from week to week. I would recommend going for 5RM’s rather than 1 or 3RM’s though, I found it more helpful for me at the start.

Even if you decide to get into a power-lifting style routine, make sure you don’t neglect any movements just yet- remember that all of the top powerlifters had a good base of strength before they started to really specialize.

Especially if your goals are equally aesthetic and performance-related, I would try to hit each major muscle grouping (quads, hams and glutes, chest, bis, tris, shoulders, upper back) twice a week.

I’ve made sure that I’m eating right for this. How do I hit each muscle group twice a week? I’m always sore 2-3 days after a workout, and I’m just concerned about overtraining. Are other back movements needed on deadlift days?

I’m checking out the Westside program you mentioned now. I think I’ll try that; thanks.

WS4SB is a GREAT program. You would be fine adding in another legs workout because that program assumes you participate in some sort of off-season sports workouts like sprint workouts, 7v7 football leagues, etc.