Want to Quit TRT After 11 Weeks

So it simply is not for me. For some reason, provider won’t really give me a protocol to come off. I have Gonadorelin that I use once a week in combo with the trt. My testosterone dosage is not a lot…40mg per week split twice. Best way to ramp my natural back up over the next month? Just need an easy an effective plan if you have.

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There’s a post 2 below yours called “HPTA Restart- Easy Guide”, did you read it? And it took me quite a while to get my protocol dialed in, certainly longer than 11 weeks.

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Hey thanks

Yup this is the one! Came off TRT after almost 2 years and I’m 40. I️ met with a couple doctors and none of them had a plan as complete as the aforementioned. Highly recommend to come off.

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I only have access to Gonadorelin. Can’t get HCG in my state. I need to find out if that will work and how much per week to week.

This should be considered malpractice.


That amount of test is redic. You are prob just shutting your balls down with that amount. What do your blood number look like? Assuming you don’t feel good on this protocol??

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I know you are not asking, but that is crap. Why bother? There no standards, but Andrewgen_Receptors and s.gentz are right.

As for a restart, don’t waste your time and money. We ran 12 week cycles (at much higher doses) all the time and stopped with no problems.

Edit: Again, I know you are not asking, but find another doctor. This is not about you, a dose of 40mg a week isn’t for anyone.


This is stupid, this is only enough T to keep your levels very low. I don’t know anyone who would continue on a protocol like this for very long, almost any man would quit.

How about instead of throwing in the towel, find another doctor?

I agree, it’s a failure for me so I just want to move on. I would like to get my own production back so that was what I was wondering on such a small amount, just quit and wait? Time will bring it back to where it was I guess. Peteruncaged MD has not been good at all.

Nope I don’t and just want to move on and get what I had back. I was hoping to just be able to quit and look for a way to boost my production back as soon as I could.

I’m no expert on this subject, but as others have alluded to - you can likely quit and your natural production will be back soon.

Of course, if you wanted to pursue TRT that actually has evidence of working, you need a higher dose. Even the most conservative approaches to TRT are at least 70mg/wk (although many are north of 100mg/wk, up to 200mg/wk).

If you had reason to begin TRT in the first place, that reason is still valid - I’d recommend finding a provider that will actually provide for you (Defy Medical if in US, or Balance My Hormones if in UK). I go to Defy under Dr. Mike’s care, for what it’s worth.

I will look them up thanks

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So using the gonadorlein I have is a waste as well and won’t help sped up any natural production in your opinion? Peteruncaged wants to load me up with a bunch of stuff…clinic and such. I don’t really feel that bad. My T is at 300 where it once was 560. Trying to get back to there.

I doubt you’ll need a PCT after only 11 weeks on TRT.