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Want to Quit AI and Keep HCG for Next Protocol

Heading into week 8, I want to drop the AI, but want to cycle HCG in order to keep my balls full. Its my preference since I do tend to lose size. I Should have test results for the last 6 weeks by Monday. My question is regarding the elimination of HCG and AI. At some point into week 4 Ill be shutting down natural production so what should I do around the end of that week to continue a good level of T. Currently I use 160mg divided into 2 shots a week. 800iu of HCG and .5mg a week of AI. Should I drop the AI only and keep the HCG or simply drop them both for my next protocol? Not sure what to do at this point.

That is not the correct way to use HCG. You remain on HCG while you are on exogenous testosterone to keep your testicles from atrophying. Have you tried TRT without an AI? Most men do best on 100mg divided in two shots per week, no AI, with HCG.

Your question about next protocol isn’t clear. What exactly are you planning on doing?

No ai for trt. Body will never stabilize.

Ok. Got it. Ill keep the HCG but just want to drop the AI. Im doing 160mg a week, so how much HCG is the minimum that I should be running? Im convinced the AI is simply not something I should be taking, that is what Im trying to accomplish. Thanks. I am a newb. I want to maintain a protocol with no AI and I know that HCG does spike E levels so the minimum is what I want accomplish

Some guys just add hcg when they ready to make baby.

I stopped AI use several months ago and will say I feel better also. The rollercoaster of not going too low or low enough was exhausting and I never felt consistently good on it…very hit and miss. I had taken HCG for over two years, workout 4-5 times a week, in good shape for a 53 year old guy. I stopped HCG almost two weeks ago and changed nothing else in my protocol. I have dropped 6 pounds of water weight with this decision…my wife always said my face was a lot “puffier” after starting TRT…it was the HCG! I will evaluate more over time and see what labs look like in a few more weeks, but so far feeling good without the AI or HCG.

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Get your Estradiol tested. 100mg Test. Cyp. per week in 2 divided doses is optimal for most. You may simply feel bad if you over aromatize on the 160mg per week.

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I did get tested last week. Should have results by tomorrow. My shot is today, not going to use HCG or AI. But not sure about dropping my test dose for todays shot. This is a tricky spot. I could lower it to 70mg maybe 60mg but not sure about 50mg. Thanks for the replies

Stating that most men use 100mg divided into 2 weekly injections would be false.

@TRT_Phoenix no need to test estradiol. The issues you believe are estradiol related are the furthest thing from. No need to be concerned with aromatization.

Do you need to be fertile right now? If the answer is no, ditch the HCG and increase T dose to compensate. If the answer is yes, don’t cycle the HCG.

Thanks for the input. I gave myself the usual 80mg this morning, no HCG, no AI. Next shot Ill bump up to 90mg to make up for the loss via no HCG. Ill have bloods results tomorrow for my previous protocol tomorrow.

So I decided to keep my dose at 160mg per week. Id like to confirm that 40mg EOD is the equivalent of 160mg a week. Is this correct?Thanks! My math says that 40mg x 4 equals 160mg or am I doing the math in correctly?

You should be around 45mg for EOD if you want to maintain approximate current dosage. You only inject 4 times every other week so the following week would be 3 injections and and only 120mg. 320mg (2 week dosage)/7 (total injections)=45.7mg or 160mg/3.5=45.7.

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