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Want to Put on 30lbs


I have always worked out, on and off. right now I am 154lb. I have been 170lb, up to 208lb. I am now 43 years old, always tired when I get home from work, and pour cardio because I cant jog far due to my right knee, although I can still do other cardio, I don't. I work out with weights some now, not hard, like I have in the past. I don't want to claim that I know much about working out their so much to learn. with new studies all the time.

four years ago, I was going to do a body building contest for the first time. Well about four weeks before the contest I would have dropped below the weight class I wanted to be in, and I thought I was to small. well fist of all, I would have been the only one in that weight class so I would have won. and looking back I was huge, bigger than I had ever been in my life. Well know four years latter it still bothers me that I did not finish. I really want to give It another go. working out will not be that hard for me, I got two boys of mine. They been working out for about four years now.

The hardest thing I come across is the dieting, at least for me. Oh and taking the right supplements. I hope to make some new friends that can help me with that. I live near pittsburgh,PA. I'm new to this site so I don't know if you will be able to reply to my post or not. Ill find out soon. Thank you for reading.


Diet is a very broad subject. I can't imagine someone reaching a bodybuilding contest without knowing half a thing about how to eat(or even someone 43 years old in general) so more specifically what do you want to know?

Supplements, in my opinion should be just that. Supplements. Of course they will all help a bit but if they actually supplement your needs instead of just giving you slightly more of what you already had then they aren't really worth it unless you are rich. There are supplements for just about anything so you need to figure out what is holding you back and get supplements for that.

Are you getting 50grams of protein per day instead of 200? get protein whey. Are you having aches(which I assume anyone training hard at 43 years old will have) get some fish oil with a good omega 3 percentage. Are you lacking energy to work out? Get some caffeine.

The only supplement I would suggest to anyone is a multivitamin and mineral supplement, fish oil(cause just about anyone WILL have aches and inflammations if they train hard) and protein whey.


Welcome to the forums. There are a lot of good folks here that will help you if needed. Looking forward to hearing about your progress. Check out the "over 35 lifter" forum as well.


Your profile says you're 5'8" and 5% bodyfat. That's frickin' shredded and already pretty close to contest shape.

Do you have a current physique picture?

When were you these weights?

What does your current training (weight and cardio) look like right now?

The more we know about what you're currently doing, the better we can help. Without knowing what you're doing now, you might want to check out this plan for relatively-older lifters:

What does your current diet look like? Are you taking any supplements right now, or have you in the past?


Hi thank you for responding Im not 5% I was in a hurry to sign up for tnation and it would not let me unless I filled every thing out I might be around 12% maybe. And as far as the weight I was 170 in my 20's and I got up to 208 and then started to get lean or cut to 178 I would have lost another 10 pounds Im thinking which would have dropped me In a lower weight class, I was 39 at the time. My cardio is 0 wright now, and my weight training has been on and off again. right now just starting to do a couple of sets to get me stated. And as far as supplements I'm not taking any thing right now, but I have in the past. I want to thank you for responding I hope that talking about it will get me motivated


Ha, fair enough. That's a bit different.

I'd still suggest starting that program I linked to above. It's a pretty straight forward three day-a-week plan (upper/lower split) that has "finishers" each day as a cardio component.

Stick with that for even a month or two, to get back into the swing of consistent lifting and (re)build a base, then we can reassess and decide the next step.

Nutrition-wise, I'd start with some general concepts to help get things in line. Either of these articles should give you enough info to get an idea of what to do:

Since the training and diet are still being figured out, there's no sense in going crazy with a ton of supplements.

The basics will be a fine start; A high quality protein like Metabolic Drive low carb for one or two shakes a day, some workout nutrition like Surge Recovery to better handle the demands of training, and maybe a quality fish oil like Flameout for all sorts of health benefits. You can find all of those in the store here: