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Want to Make My Own PL Federation


What do I have to do?



If you want to put on meets, you're in for a shitwad of laregely thankless work that will require the utilization friends, relatives, a lot of qequipment, and not a small amount of your money. A meet requires:

-a venue (sometimes it's a bitch to get this)
-insurance (sometiems available thrught your fed- oh, that's right, you started your own- good luck with that)
-two to three squat racks/monolifts if you have more than 15-20 full meet lifters, I recommend three
-two or three squat bars
-two or three benches
-two or three bench bars
-two or three deadlift bars
-at least one real DL platform and some mats for the warm up area
-weights- preferably calibrated weight on the platform and a like amount of pig iron in the warm up area
-plate trees for platform and warmup area
-a couple chalk buckets
-judge lights or somethign comparable
-at least three judges. However, in practice, for a full meet, its hard to keep someone in the chair all day- so call it six judges
-at least 5 spotters/loaders. However, in a long meet, it would be more humane to have a seond shift that comes on during the the full-meet benchers
-score table folks- a coupel folks to keep attempts straight and someone to MC and work theMP3/CD player
-trophies of some sort
-It is a fuck of alot of work taking this shit to/from the venue, setting up, breaking down , and cleaning up when you're done. You will need some help doing this.
-Food/drink for the crew

Good luck!


Hah! I really like this thread :slight_smile: Start something even more tremendously hardcore and manly then raw lifting.


...only lift barnyard animals. I saw a strongman competition once that had an event that required you to grab a sheep and press it overhead. No lie. It was held in a junk yard somewhere in West Virginia a couple years ago. I printed the entry form for my training partners to take a look at. We all ended up having a lengthy discussion about how difficult this would be.


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Lordy, Lordy. Can you stop trolling or whatever the fuck it is you think you are doing? Seeing you post some inane garbage is just getting tiresome. Go train and stop being an ass.


Once I get the money, I'll do this...


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This is actually one of my current side projects. Are you serious?


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You're an idiot. Powerlifting doesn't need another federation, if you want to help the sport then work towards hosting meets for an existing organization.




Sure it does. There are only like 30 or 40 feds out there right now. Plenty of room for one more.


Exactly, it's not like pl'ing is fragmented and lacks coherence. We need every internet jackoff to hop out with a new fed. I mean, judging by the OP's threads it will be completely legit.


On a related note, my partners and I have often discussed starting a contest with a half squat, rack pull and three board bench press. The totals will be gigantuan!


I'm in. Those are 3 of my best lifts. :wink: