Want to Lose Fat and Get Shredded

Dear all,

I need your advise please, i started Crossfit like one and half year ago, then i fall in like with oly weightlifting so i shifted to oly lifting for almost a year and i got too much stronger comparing to when i started with Crossfit but in the same time i am not looking the way that i would be happy to be especially as you know to be good in weightlifting such low carb or low carlories will not be the best option, i gained strength but also fats now i decided to shift back to crossfit also for mental reasons as i was having stress of thinking most of time how could i improve my snatch my clean techniques, why my friends are getting better not me, my coach was pushing me alot so now i really want to move my focus for few months in CF, the objective to lose fat improve my endurance and cardio as well as maintain my strength, that’s my question to all the experts how can i maintain my strenghth while doing CF i was looking for a program like combing 531 with crossfit what do you think guys>?

Try this…

I find it odd that you ask about getting shredded without mentioning food. Lets talk about food.


Never combine two work outs. Do one or the other. There might even be a 5/3/1 for cross fit…

Give it your all and stop being wishy washy.

And yes, food. What did you eat yesterday and “I eat clean” is never an answer.

To add to this, a list of foods is infinitely more useful than a list of numbers.

Track what you’re eating and be completely honest with yourself, you’ll struggle to get your body fat down if you don’t have at least a rough idea of how much you’re eating every day. That way you can start to be more calculated in your nutrition approach as you’ll have a baseline from which you can manipulate your macros and calories. Pretty soon you should be able to eyeball your plate of food and tell if you’re eating approximately the right amount for your nutrition approach.

You’d probably have more success maintaining your strength if you continue to lift heavy. In fact I consider lifting heavy vital to maintaining strength while dieting down. When you’re in caloric deficit however you will have days where you feel very weak (i.e. miss your rep target) due to diminishing muscle glycogen stores but don’t be disheartened, stay determined and be consistent with both your lifting and nutrition and you’ll get there.

Depending on your body fat levels it might be worth adding in periodic refeeds to top up your muscle glycogen stores. I wouldn’t even bother with refeeds however if your body fat exceeds 10-12%.

All the best and good luck!