Want to increase QUAD SIZE but not butt size!

I have always had a muscular easily developed butt. I squateed for 8 years and developed a big butt despite a high bar-olympic type stance. I am trying to shriny my butt and row my quads and hams. I have been doing leg ext and leg curls and Straight leeg deadlifts. what else can i do? I am afraid to squat, even front squat!

Hack squats. Every couple weeks I take a break from regular squats and I do hack squats. I feel like these work the quads primarily. Do a set of hack squats then run to the leg extension machine and bang out a few reps and your quads will be destroyed.

from what I’ve heard, chicks dig butts more than quads. Maybe that’s why they call the butt the money maker… But seriously, front squats will blow up your quads while neglecting your glutes. Front squats are also great for strengthening the abs.

I’m no expert, but I’d say try Hack Squats (real, not machine).

In his book, Vince Gironda recommended several alternatives to the back squat. Yes, he said the back squat made your butt fat but he did favor the front squat with the feet over a block of wood or weight plate. He also recommended two movements for the lower thigh on the hack machine. The first one involves holding the heels together and as you lower yourself the knees would drop to the side. The second involves keeping the knees together through the entire movement (just like squating in a narrow stance). For the leg extension, he had his students lie their backs rearwards as the legs were brought up. However, this movement assumes you’re on a extension machine with a flat bench, not one with a back rest. I’m in favor of the back squat but I’ve used all of these movements as part of my leg program.

i’m prone to getting a big ass too while squatting. i’ve tried putting a 25# plate under my heals and that just tore up my knees. but, now when i squat, i focus on driving my heels thru the ground instead of my toes. kind of thinking of pushing the ground away from me instead of pushing the weight up.

The problem might be that your doing Olympic-style squats. The wide stance targets the glutes more. Narrow your stance to 12-14 inches apart and raise your heels with a piece of wood or a few plates. You won’t be able to go down as far, but your quads will be thrashed.

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If you are worried about your glutes getting bigger you may want to cut out the stiff deads they put a good amount of stress on the glutes.

Definantly star doing hack squats, with feet closer together and toes very slightly pointed out. You can always vary your feet plcement if you want.

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Try doing 1-1/2 squats on the smith press with your feet together and out pretty far infront of you. also read the hip belt squat article and do those on a decline.

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