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Want to have focus on core workouts, but my back is too small.

I’m not sure if I already posted something about this, but my back is really small (not wide). I’m doing dead lift, squat, clean and bench, all on seperate days. I want to throw in barbell rows and wide grip pullups on dead lift days and throw in an ab-workout like leg raises on squat days. Is it okay to add these supplementary workouts? Will they take away from my core lifts. My friend says I should do dips. I don’t think so. I want to be fit for football, but I also want to look good, and I know keeping out pullups and ab workouts is going to look awkward.

Can you post a sample workout week? I’d be more than happy to help, but “Bench, Clean, Dead, and Squat” days doesn’t really give an adequate picture of your training.

I’d say incorporate all of the movements you mentioned. Dips and Pullups are just as much “Core lifts” as the others you mentioned.

If you’re looking for a back specialization program, check out Ian King’s Super Strength, and Bring THe Pain workouts. I’m sorry, but i don’t have time to get links for you right now. (coughsearch engingcough)

Or try the FAQ, it has several links to Lat and back specialization progams.

Pullups can actually hit the abs quite well.

Honestly, my abs are usually sore after pull ups.

Why not try something like this for you back day.

Dumbell row

Only 3 exercises, but it will hit your back hard. 3 sets for each, 6-10 rep range.

Kurt there are a lot of workout in this forum… Do a search… Big Back Stack is also good from Christian… Also if you write a sample work-out of what you currently do we can help critique it for you… Also include your goals. Are you a newbie in weighlifting… I assuming you are… More info and we’ll be glad to help you out…

Yep. And if you do a search on the web for “back blast” you’ll find a few great sample workouts at iron online. I’ve spent a lot of time getting my back strong. In fact, I prioritize my workouts as follows: back, legs, chest and shoulders. Emphasis on back though, a strong back and abs are needed for many of the exercises to be effective. The good news is if you stay focused on your back for a while it grows reasonably well. I do my back twice a week, once on horizontal movements once on vertical movements. I also do rear delts on back days, since they’re a bitch to grow…

Your abs actually get sore doing pull ups? Weird. My chest gets sore when I do pull ups. I think its from the stretch.

my abs get sore too. i think it’s because tighten them to prevent from swinging and in the process do the lower part of very slow leg raises

I suggest Ian Kings 12 week Chest and Back routine. It leads to great upper body strength. You can find a link at the FAQ.