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Want to Go Longer than Four Months


I'm considering going on for another 4 months but with the next 4 months do gh with t400 and deca famera and hcg. whats gains will i get from the gh?


So your juicing hard for 8 months in a row? is that what I get from this?


ur gonna b so jack4d


I always thought it was jack3d!!?


Sorry, Bonez, but I have to agree with Singhbuilder. After a 4 month cycle, you're either j4cked or jack3d. However, after an 8 month cycle you may in fact be j4ck3d. At no time will you be j3cked or jack4d.


You should definitly post pics after you go 8 months on t400 and Decca. Maybe run superdrol the 9th month to put those final touches on your physique!


WOW, I wanna be j4ck3d :frowning: