Want to Give a Big Shout-Out to Flameout. Fantastic Results with Regards to Memory/Brain Function

I’ve used fish oil supplements for over a decade at this point, but after using one that was heavy on EPA for several years I decided to give Flameout a try. I’m 37 and I always performed well academically and at my job. Over the last few years I felt a bit different though; not like I was in a fog, more like a thin veil over my mental functioning when I would need to do complex calculations. I distinctly remember being able to calculate things almost instantaneously in the past, but now I needed to pause for a moment or two before solutions came to me. It wasn’t like I was slow, but think like a baseball pitcher that’s used to throwing 98 suddenly throwing 94. There’s nothing wrong with 94 mph, but you know you used to throw faster.

I’m fairly skeptical when it comes to supplements, so I did not go into this with a risk of placebo-effect. I started taking a half dose daily (2 pills), and didn’t really think much about it. About the third day I woke up in the morning and felt…different. I ascribed it to having more energy, but that didn’t quite capture it. Right off the bat everything seemed a little quicker; from remembering where I had left my keys the night before, to remembering to grab some files I needed for work. At work my calculations were faster, some of the concepts I was working on just flowed better. My memory which had always been strong was suddenly like a steel-trap again. I thought to myself “man, I am really on today. I wonder why”. I didn’t even think of the Flameout. This continued the next day, and the day after that. My confidence also grew on account of improved performance.

At that point I realized the only thing that had changed was I had started Flameout. My diet was the same, exercise, sleep, work patterns…all of that was identical. It’s been two weeks now and there has not been any drop off. I absolutely cannot recommend this stuff enough, especially when it comes to brain health. Reading up on DHA and the brain, all the benefits that are mentioned are things I am directly experiencing. I assume based on this I wasn’t getting enough from diet/regular fish oil in the past. So thank you so much for this great product, it’s helped me tremendously.