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Want to Get Stronger..


Im a new fan of BB but the strength sports like Olympic weight lifting and power lifting or any heavy lift.

I start training about 6 month ago.

my numbers are, 1.70m tall 68.5 kilos
my bf: i use a bio impedance machine that told me Im at 11% but i think is more, is like the tanita scale.

squat(full): 104 kilos
bench press: 81 kilos
dead lift: 94 kilos (ashamed)
clean: 64 kilos
jerk: 76 kilos
snatch: 56 kilos

I want to get stronger and faster, and wondering to weight 65 kilos (bb wont like it), that is for a karate contest (wkf).

im currently training 3 exercises 3 times a week at 90%x3 for 8 sets. something like:

squat 90%/3 8 sets
clean 90%/3 5 sets
lounges 90%/3 8 sets
pliometric 8 x 4 sets

remo de pie 90%/3 8 sets(stand row?, bad english)
bench press 90%/3 8 sets
plio 8x 4 sets
punches 8 sec x 4 sets

squat 90%/3 8 sets
snatch 90%/3 5 sets
jerk 90%/3 8 sets
pliometric 8 x 4 sets

I change the exercises but not the muscles group.

is this correct or should I just do it another way?


pd: some times my english sucks =)

I’m no expert on the type of training you’re asking about, but I don’t think “lounges” are going to help LOL!

I’m kiddin with ya, I can tell English isn’t your primary language.

xD lunges…may that will help me…

Got you covered, check this out: