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Want to gain some lbm?

Okay i took a shit load of time to come up with the ultimate 6000 cal. meal plan. This is for everyone who is looking to massive eat like an animal. It’s very effective if you only have time to go shoping once a week because all of this stuff can be purchased weekly. Also The cheapest your going to get… Hope you like it…

P+C (Break Fast)--------
168C, 84P–8
-3/4 cup oatmeal 46/8
-1/4 cup rasins 31/1
-2 bananna 47/2
-2 slice wheat 24/6
-12 E.W. 4/40
-2 Scoops Grow 16/27

Post Workout ---------
73C, 38P
-3 scoops surge 73/38

P+C (Post Workout)----------
160C, 89P
-2 scoops nlarge 44/26
-1 scoop grow 8/14
-1/4 cup c.chese 5/16
-1/2 cup oatmeal 30/5
-1 banana 23/2
-2 apple 50/0
-1/4 lb chicken 0/26
-2.5 tspn sugar/creatine 10/0

178C, 91P--------
-2 scoops nlarge 44/26
-1/4 lb chicken 0/26
-4 slice wheat 48/12
-1/2 cup mixed veg. 30/0
-3/4 cup berries 15/0
-2 scoop grow 16/ 27
-1 apple 25/0

55F, 79P–8c------------
-2 tspn flax oil 28/0
-5 eph/dha 5/0
-.3 Alomnds 22/9
-2 big cans tuna 0/70

57F, 77P–15c----------
-Cottage Chese 0/48
-2 tspn flax oil 28/0
-5 eph/dha 5/0
-1/4 walnuts 22/9
-1 scoops l.c. grow 2/20

Optional Shake Before Sleep

602 C 2408
458 P 1832
130 F approx. 1170

Total Cals 5410
w/o.shake = 6010

for me this was
C = 3 x lbm
P = 2 x bm
F = approx .5 x lbm

Im going to start this as soon as my shoulder heals and im back in action at the gym. Peace.

put the creatine in your surge


Thanks for posting this, as I’m sure it helps some figure out how to really eat Massively. However, I’ve got some problems with your strategem here. In an effort to optimize your nutrition, here are my own thoughts, in no particular order:

*Drop the NLarge. The protein is junk (i.e. whey concentrate), the carbs are crappy, and the kcals are empty. Substitute with whole-food sources of protein and carbs, or a better liquid protein source and whole-food carb source.

*Get more kcals and carbs during and after training. Stick with the 3 scoops of Surge but split it in half between during and immediately after training. I’d throw in an extra 50g or so of maltodextrin. Also, as Whetu noted, put your creatine in there.

*If you follow step 2, reduce the carbs and the size of Meal One (or change it to P/F). That’s a bunch of food right before your workout, bro.

*Stick to 2-3 pieces of fruit per day. Bump up the oats in your meals to compensate for a drop in fruit.

*4 tablespoons of flax and 10g of EPA/DHA!!!??? Are you a damn fish or what? Do you want to see your Test plummet like the Titanic!?! Seriously, cut both those back to half of that, or more, and drastically bump up your monos by getting extra virgin olive oil, mixed nuts, natural nut butters (these are the shiznit, man!), and avocado. You’re missing out.

That should be something with which to work.

How much Grow, L.C. Grow, and Nlarge will you go through in a month?


I’m thinking that the “5 EPA/DHA” meant 5 fish oil softgels, which would give him roughly 3g combined EPA/DHA. Combined with 2 tbsp flax, that should put him at 6g for the day. Sounds solid to me.

Other than that, I echo Timbo’s sentiments. You might also consider upping your meal frequency and eating 8 times daily.

I think Eric is right on the EPA/DHA. Looking at the content of fat grams that would likely be number of caps and not grams of EPA/DHA.

Not bad, Bobo. I would agree though to cut back on the flax and get some olive oil (extra-virgin) in there. I don’t know if you’re much into salads but this would be the perfect solution.

What I do (when my diet is on track anyway) is get at least one if not two big salads daily with romaine, spinach, green peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower and ground flaxseed. The ground flax would maybe be a better option than all that liquid since you get the fiber. Anyway I use extra-virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar as well as some diced chicken breast and you have a complete and virtually perfect P/F meal.

Natural peanut butter is a godsend. I’ve heard almond butter is even better.

I think tampa terry reccommended that much flax oil. I will try and fix it as much as i can. As for the N-Large, I think it works because everyone i know who has tried it gained. What other types of things can i eat except oatmeal but in the same food catagory, quite frankly i hate oatmeal but i eat it. The Epa/dha = 3 g’s a day. 10 pills at 300 mg each. Ill fix and repost in a day or some when i get some time. Thanks for the help people’s

First order of business today:

Welcome the Freak home, Montie!!!

Secondly, Easy E, you’re exactly right. Although Bobo da Clown was a little ambiguous with his reference to measurement, my ignorance is evident from the fact that there’s no–not to my knowledge–fish oil supplement that’s 100% EPA/DHA (i.e. 5 caps = 5g of fat, all from EPA/DHA). Thanks, bro.

However, four tablespoons of flax oil seems to be a bit overzealous, especially at the cost of more monos. I’d say eat your fats and monos and opt for the almond butter:-)

My final point would be that which was made by EC: increase meal frequency.

Well once i start i will go through 2 containers of grow, one of lcg, and a 10lb bucket of nlarge. I want to try it and see how it is. If it sucks i’ll give it the boot. oh and 3 containers of surge, because im a heavy guy i need the 3 scoops.

I have nothing against the N-Large. WPC is a good protein source, come on T! Plus the high GI nature in 2nd post W/O meal suit me just fine. the other thing is it makes it easier to get the cals in. not that easier is better but 600kclas get pretty tireing after a couple of weeks…

So i fixed the diet and i grouped meals with each other this way you could possibly break them down into other meals. Droped the excess fruit, less flax oil, added the malto and did whatever else was recommended. Thanks for the help. Anything else i need to fix let me know. I need to get large and this is the only way it’s going to happen.

bm = 220
lbm = 187

P 470 =2.5x lbm 1880 cals
C 575 = 3 x lbm 2300 cals
F 109 = .6 x lbm 981 cals
approx 5200 cals

P+C (Break Fast)--------=)
154C, 84P
a-1 cup oatmeal 54/10
a-1/4 cup rasins 31/1

b-2 slice wheat 24/6
b-12 E.W. 4/40

c-2 Scoops Grow 16/27
c-1 apple 25/0

Post Workout ---------=)
123C, 38P
a-1.5 During
a-50g. Malto/Gatorade

b-1.5 After
b-10g. Creatine

P+C (Post Workout)----------=)
174C, 102P
a-2 scoops nlarge 44/26
a-2 scoop grow 16/ 27
a-1/4 cup c.chese 5/16

b-1/2 cup oatmeal 30/5
b-1 bananna 25/2

c-1/4 lb chicken 0/26
c-2 slice wheat 24/6
c-1/2 cup mixed veg. 30/0

124C, 90P--------=)
a-2 scoops nlarge 44/26
a-2 scoop grow 16/ 27

b-1/2 cup oatmeal 30/5
b-1/2 cup berries 10/0

c-1/4 lb chicken 0/26
c-2 slice wheat 24/6

55F, 79P------------=)
a-1 tspn flax oil 14/0
a-5 eph/dha 5/0

b-2 big cans tuna 0/70
b-1 tbspn e.v. oil on tuna 14/0

c-.3 Alomnds 22/9

54F, 77P–15c----------=)
a-Cottage Chese 0/48
a-1 scoops l.c. grow 2/20

b-1 tspn flax oil 14/0
b-5 eph/dha 5/0

c-3/8 walnuts 33/14

Looks good; the only thing that I missed was the Gatorade. This may be majoring in the minutia, but you’ll save money and avoid sucrose if you just can it and go with extra maltodextrin.

Bobo knows eating:)

Not this month because i already maxed out my 200 CC limit buying protein, but next month ill buy the malto stright up. I love to eat, i’m actually anxious to start eating ha.


T-Rock likes the juice, man.

Easy E, I suggested the Gatorade to Da Clown in a PM, so long as it was the powdered version. I agree that malto itself is a better and more cost-effective means. Though, even JB used Gatorade during his workouts at one time:-)

Whetu, to each his own:-)

Sweet my man! Thats some major grub eatin and it looks “clean” to boot! Question to anyone…where can one buy some extra malto?

Also…if one is taking their Surge during and post workout, what is the need for gatorade? Although since you are shooting for 3.0 grams of CHO per lb of lbm…the gatorade will help you get there faster! Is that the reason? And I am assuming you put your creatine in the gatorade…correct? Or would it be more conducive to put it in the Surge?

"Maltodextrin and Dextrose are very rapidly acting forms of carbohydrate. Dextrose is equivalent to glucose. Maltodextrin, although considered a complex carbohydrate, is a polysaccharide that is composed of short chains of glucose. Your body breaks these down rapidly and releases them into the bloodstream as glucose.

Malto is a great carb for during and after training for these reasons." - Timbo

Mix the gatorade and the surge.

It must be nice to actually be able to eat that many calories! I’ve been struggling to get my alloted 2,000 or so. Damn appetite anyway!

Re: the malto and dextrose. These should be readily available at any health food store (not GNC but an actual health food store). They’re dirt cheap as well. Also check places that sell beer brewing supplies or online places like Supplement Direct.

Bobo et al,
pertaining to the gatorade and Surge…how much water are you using. I know that 1 serving of Surge calls for 16 ounces. How much gatorade are you adding to the mix? Just curious. Also, are you adding the extra malto/dextrose to the Surge/gatorade as well?

Well i’d use as much water as is required. 24 for the surge (3 scoops), Whatever water is required by gatorade for 50g’s, and about 10 ounces for the creatine. Just use the recommended amounts. The companies usually reccomend an amount where the particles will disolve in the water and it taste good. Just make sure the water isn’t saturated and everything else cleary disolved.

Oh and the gatorade is because i don’t have any malto. Next month i’ll pick up the malto instead of the gatorade. Don’t use both because you’ll be getting a little to much malto.