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Want To Follow Waterbury


Guys, i did a lot of reading on T-Nation. I really like the ideas presented hear (as i've found that splits are not so effective for me as more 'werid' stuff and so on). I'm a typical endomorph and i've spent lots of my bb-ing on losing fat (Former Fat Guy - yep, that's me). My diet is high protein, mid carbs and lots of good fats. I won't lie : i did some aas, but always low doses (not the wisest decision in my life but still...)
Currently, i've been training 4x a week, push/pull routine with different reps : 3x8 or 8x3. I think it's time for a change. Which of CHad's program would make a perfect match? I'm going for lean muscle mass. I've downloaded his programs (thanks for the guy who put them in one .xls file), but i don't know which one would be ok (i'd prefer to traing 4x-5x times a week). Hft is a bit too hardcore for me as i have really weak regeneration, even on roids ( probably cause of my thyroid problems, i dunno).

I thought about something like 4x full-body with different reps, but i'd really like to see your view on it. Regards,


They are all good and have there place. A good starting one and one with a TON of good reviews is ABBH


As Phil mentioned, you can't go wrong with ABBH. But based on how you've been training, I suggest you start out with The Waterbury Method. From there, go to TBT, followed by Quattro Dynamo.


Thanks for your replies guys :slightly_smiling:
Both ABBH and Waterbury Method look tempting. I'd prefer to have more workouts than 3, but i'd better stick to the your schedules (to avoid overtraining). I know it's nasty to ask (but hey... this is Testosterone-Nation... :slightly_smiling: ) are these programs suitable for aas cycle? (i would guess that yes, but still plz don't blame me for the idea of using gear).

Or maybe i could add some Chad's boosters to the Waterbury Method (to get 4days a week constant without 3/4)? Or it will be a bit over the top? Regards,


I'm looking at starting the Waterbury Method on Monday. If you decide to go for it, be sure to keep us posted on your progress!


AAS will work fine with any solid program. I would however personally if using something like that and wanting stellar results do something I KNOW works for me due to my having the time and experience in the gym. I would do a program new to me the first time without said supp to see what it does on its own.


I think the Waterbury Method is great, and when I started it I felt like it was too much too soon for me personally but I was able to improve my workload and get great results from it.

Give it a shot for a while and see how it works for you.


I'm on my second "Perfect 10" program. I would highly recommend this if you have lagging bodyparts that you want to bring up to speed.

High frequency is the shit... it works for me, anyway! I plan on adding at leach an inch to my arms by the end of this program.


Thanks everyone :] I'm going to inform you on my progress.
Werid thing about fullbody and similar stuff - i can eat load of food (compared to splits) and i'm not gaing much fat (cool thing when you're an endomorph).