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Want to Find a Better Gym...

I live in South Denver (home of soccer moms, dudes in short-shorts, and 24 Hour Fitness), and am working out at a recreation center gym. They are slowly increasing the number of machines and reducing the number of free weights.

It’s alright sometimes, but last night (leg day) I watched a guy take up our only squat rack for a full hour. I asked him twice how many sets he had left, he’d say one but then start doing another exercise on the rack. There were also a dozen teenagers in street clothes just “hanging out” on 5-6 pieces of equipment.

I’d like to find a gym more suitable for bodybuilding, and was wondering if there was a good way to go about finding one. I am making good gains, and the inconsiderate nature of these people is killing my workouts.

All I need are old, dependable free weights and people who are there to train. Thanks!

Bump(computer issues).

Find a couple close to where you live, go and ask for an introduction lesson or a tour or something, and as soon as you see something douchy about it, leave…

Simple as that.

Thanks, just wondering if there were any sites that might list gyms with ample free weights, and limited douchery. I’ll start googling for gyms in my area.

If there’s a guy using the squat rack doing curls or pull ups, just ask him to use the pre sets or the pull up bar. No harm in telling him that he doesnt need the squat rack for that exercise.