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Want to Develop My Chest/Arms

No problem at all, I’ve decided that I’m going to do the sessions I wrote out for a while too.

Have you thought about changing your frequency so training the body parts I.E chest and arms more frequently?

Without going into specifics of programmes there are some excellent push/pull programmes on T Nation. There’s a fair bit of research on how increased frequency of training each bodypart 2-3 times per week is optimum for natural lifters


I’ve got some rings on the way! Hopefully by next week they’re here.

Hey, thanks for the link.

I’ve looked at a lot of programs in the past and one of the issues is I don’t have a lot of the requisite equipment. If I have to substitute half of the exercises then I have no confidence it will work. Especially with my inability to program well.

You have a versatile piece of equipment. You can safely use the landmine to do several chest exercises.

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Haven’t read everything, but for arms, I think they can handle a lot of frequency. I do them every workout at the end. Of course, you need to build the compound upper body lifts for the best results. Just getting lifts like the bench, overhead press, chin up, and row to be good lifts that you can do with good form, with a good amount of weight will build your upper body well for most people. Then you add in arms to bring them up if needed at the end.


How long should these workouts take? What kind of rest between sets? 1-2 minutes?


Should be pretty short sessions, around 45min.

Rest as long as needed to feel ready to go again on the first exercise each session, probably 2-4 min.

Rest around 2 minutes on the others.

Have you done any yet?