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Want to Cut, But Not Strong Enough Yet

My goals have changed, and i want to focus more on my sports (swimming, martial arts) and cut back on lifting, probably down to only once or twice a week at most, but strength is important to me and always will be.

My physique looks kind of awkward. Athletic, but then all of a sudden a small pouch of fat covering my abs. Absolutely hate it. Can still see my abs poke through, but it just looks awkward.

I want to get rid of it but, i hate seeing my strength go down, especially when i am still a novice.

I dropped from a rough bulk at 181lbs down to 162 lbs at 5’11 (had a tournament and wanted to fill out my weight class).

Bench: 205 to about 185
OHP: 135 to 125
Deadlift: 355 to not sure, haven’t maxed in a while but i would guess 315
Squat: 265 to not sure, haven’t maxed out in a while.

A couple months ago i injured my hip flexors, hence avoiding heavy full ATG squats and deadlifts.

I just started Alpha destiny’s novice program and have been enjoying it.

All i want is to look lean and have a 225 bench, 315 box squat, 405 deadlift.

I crave strength, but not a fan of the pudge going on.

What do you guys recommend, pursue strength and eat in a surplus or trim down a bit?

Losing fat doesn’t have to mean losing strength or performance. Athletes do it everyday. (I’ve even helped A few pro NFL and UFC guys do so)

Curious what your daily nutrition looks like and if it’s intelligently supporting your goals.



That’s nice to know, i always thought training for strength in a deficit was not the best idea.

My nutrition for the most part consists of oats, whole eggs, milk, fruits, chicken, pasta etc.

I supplement on Whey and creatine HCL.

To be completely honest in the past i had trouble gaining weight and did not do the cleanest bulk, this must be still a consequence that i haven’t addressed completely.

I try to keep it clean for the most part. I have a very strenuous training regimen, so when i was cutting i was taking in about 2200-2400 cal. Currently i took a 2 week break and consumed about 2800-3300 cal to give my body a bit of a break.

I lift once to twice a week at most now, so maybe that doesn’t help.

Try this, similar but better, the farmers walks alone will help lean you out…

Age? How many times a week are you swimming/doing sports?

I need to pick your brain at some point…