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Want to Cruise, Need Advice

Hello there, i would really like to try working out on gear for better result overall, but my current lifestyle doesn’t allow my to do long cycles like 12/8weeks, I have to leave my home travel to other country time to time, not for long just for week, but during that time I can’t visit gym, best what I can do is bodyweight training/deload week let’s say at best…
Because of this I was thinking about cruising, I read on internet that you can expect good result I still need to research more, but my plan would be starting cruise, then add blasts when time allows(mostly winter seasons that’s when I have free time)
About me: Im 26y old, been lifting for 8years, besides depressions here and there, bad moods, good sex drive I have no problems with my regular test levels, I also have a gyno for all my life, my first and last cycle was 3years ago…
What do you think about this? Maybe someone had same situation? How much gains I can expect compared to naturals?
I also know it’s mostly for all life if you chose this path, but it still sounds better then doing nothing at least this is how it sounds to me. Any advise I can get I appreciate your help.

You’ve missed the point…in one sentence you say that you can’t do long cyclesand then in the next breath you say you want to go on a cruise? A cruise is just one long never ending cycle…

If you’re only concern is that you might have a business trip (for a week) thatMAY come up in the middle of yourcycle then I’d just pin the night before I left and treat the week as a deload week and just do so light work in the hotel gym or something. If you’re using a longer lasting Test ester (like Cyp or E), missing a shot isn’t going to be the end of the world (again, assuming your trip is only a week).
I would be more concerned with your untreated depression and ‘bad moods’ and the effect Testosterone may have on these conditions than anything else. How bad or these bad moods? Are you violent during them?

Yes I know cruise is never ending cycle, I just don’t like the idea of let’s say I do 12weeks test e cycle and then on like 10week I need to go for business trip, those 4last weeks are most important I belive, pining during trips are no problem for me it’s just I want to focus 100% during those all weeks of cycle also we use some cheat shit hotels no gym in there :smiley: as for bad moods some days are better others not, also when you think about it, when I remember my life before 3years I was like 100x happier then I’m now, bad that could be related to marriage, firstborn which I didn’t want… etc as for violence I’m pretty much angry person all my life but I don’t cause trouble to others with violence…

You should put your effort into not ruining your child’s life because you are resentful that your wife trapped you. The child didn’t do anything wrong and will only suffer if it can obviously tell their father is miserable and resents them. Get that figured out before starting to use drugs.


Life happens…if you wait for a perfect time to do anything you’ll be waiting a long time.The best you can hope for is to have a plan and be prepared for anything. Everyone gets sick at some point and that interfere’s with training; or they have to miss a workout because of working late, or miss a meal because a meeting runs late…it happens. It’s not the end of the world and you shouldn’t treat it like that. You can aim to do everything 100% perfect but the trick is to be happy if you end up hitting 90%, not focusing on the 10% that was outside of your control.
It’s not the last 4 weeks of a cycle that are most important…it’s the whole damn cycle that matters. But to each their own. Good luck to you.

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You need a good psychologist not steroids.

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