Want to Compete in a Year

Hello everyone. I’ve been reading this site for ages, made a few posts lately and decided to see if I can get some feedback. Been training nearly a decade, not always for size in fact mostly for strength for the most recent handful of years, and I think I’d like to compete in some kind of physique competition soon.

I stand about 5’8, I currently weigh about 171, which is a little lighter and maybe 2% BF points lower than what I typically walk around at. I just did a not so serious diet in preparation for a vacation, and this is when I took these pictures which may explain the poor quality. I have no full mirror at home and decided to make this thread on a while I was still a little light and had a tan.

I think I have most of the pertinent pics, apologies if not.

I feel I have some things in may favor such as big delts, solid legs and back, and a small waist but I believe I need some work in a few areas, most notably chest size and hamstring seperation, although I havent a good shot of hamstrings to provide. Also my lats have a hard time showing from the front unless im not posing right.

I’d like to gain about a solid 10 lbs before I compete, but would appreciate any advice.

I wont get into specific training details at the moment, but I will say I lift very heavy, max squats and deadlifts 2x per week with big presses and heavy pulls. This volume may actually attribute to why I am not larger than I am now.

ps sorry for bad lighting in some of these


Looking to be in a great place. While it’s be a bit more helpful seeing full body shots, it appears that you’ve got a decent amount of development, and seem to be well proportioned.


awesome quad shape,very round looking!

bitchin wheels

[quote]Facepalm_Death wrote:
bitchin wheels[/quote]


Good look bro. ROWS ROWS ROWS!!! more chest mass to