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I can't fight the retarded 13 year old deep within me.

I'm Sand?


i found the same dude, after reading your post, roflmao

im lassie

Lassie: woof
the 6: LASSIE!
Lassie: how many penises do you have?
the 6: tears pour down my eyes
the 6: you again?
Lassie: haha
Lassie: no
the 6: FFUUUU


Owned at the end here, but revenge was to be had...

That made me happy.

Here's another one, they disconnected from me...


Lmao I swear some of you people get the funny people to mess with. I always get the people that disconnect right away if your not a girl. and i'm tired of pretending to be a girl... (no homo or w/e)


SandyVag: hi
Cadbury: Evening
SandyVag: wow thats wierd
Cadbury: What is?
SandyVag: your name rhymes with Badbury
Cadbury: And sadbury?
SandyVag: YEAH!
Cadbury: Fancy that
SandyVag: dude thats fucking freaky
SandyVag: That has to be bad luck or something right?
Cadbury: More likely that you're the same person as before
SandyVag: Excuse me?

Poor guy.


lmfao, you guys are fucked up messin with people like this

The Immortal wants to play