Want To Change From Clomid. Need Advice

OK., so I have some more news. Doc said he doesn’t want to put me on hCG shots as a protocol. He wants to do a hCG trial. He also said he doesn’t want to include Proviron, at least for now because it is synthetic (and that maybe later it will turn out he includes it and that maybe it works for me) – but for now he wants to do the hCG trial because it will give him a lot of info as to why I feel fatigued, whether it’s due some free T issue, SHBG or some other aspect.

He prescribed me two vials of a synthethic brand Ovitrelle (1 vial is supposed to be 250mcg/0.5ml - circa 6500 UI of hCG). He told me to inject one vial into the fat on my stomach and then after 3 days do the same with the second vial. And then come to see him after a few days. How I feel after this test is supposed to be helpful for his further diagnostics of my case.

I haven’t read of such a test anywhere and have mixed thoughts about this.
Have any of you guys done this kind of thing and/or what is your reaction to this idea?