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Want to Become Muscular.....HELP Please


i seriously need to vent right now. every single one of us wants to become as muscular as humanly possible but i gotta say that most of us find it incredibly difficult and confusing. ive posted sometimes asking for help from ct but i guess he's too busy or i ask stupid questions and most of u say "look through the forum."

one i aint got the time, two it is incredibly difficult to find exact posts when there is no option like bodybuilding.com to search through the post or the thread which makes it very tedious to go to the post that u want to find again.

i know i want to become huge so i can finally post my pic with confidence. i wish someone high up in this forum, ct, professor x, nate green, preferably ct, since he's the only jacked monster on this forum i know. i wont ask questions like, "is there a better way to do this, can i have cheat days, etc., unless they involve time nd money, which is something very scarce right now for me. the days to work out, if i have to exceed one hour, it doesnt matter. i wish u would lay out an exact plan i could follow for six months, given some conditions or situations i have.

i wont ask questions like, "is there a better way to do this, can i have cheat days, etc., unless they involve time nd money, which is something very scarce right now for me. the days to work out, if i have to exceed one hour, it doesnt matter. if someone wit a good rep like ct, preferably ct could lay out an exact plan given these stipulations, i would follow it faithfully.

my motivation is someone out there is still better than me. i want to reach my goal of becoming the strongest, fastest, nd the one who hits the hardest, crazy muscle, extremely high definition nd size to boot(not so big, i cant very easily or wipe my own ass). i want to become truly invincible. i am ready to bring the craziest intensity nd the most dedication given my situation i can bring in the gym.

can someone out there please help me to reach my goals either with a plan or jus some knowledge that can knock out almost all the questions anyone asks here? thank you.


For now do an AB split



hammer curls
olympic squat
glute hams or leg curls

flat bench
high incline db overhead press
Lat pulldown
dumbell rows

Do something like this monday-wednesday-friday alternating workouts with a high caloric excess and as c lose to doubleweight or more in protein a day. after you stop being able to recover fast enough for progression. Then split it up over 3 or 4 days, continue until you reach the best frequency where you can recover and grow. Gradually increase food intake, and get strong as fuck with every bodypart.
That's it in a nutshell.


you sir, are looking for what the folks like to call 'functional muscle'

am i correct?


cool story bro


Have you read most of the articles on this site if not I suggest you go back and read most of them. I don't have time excuse is pretty weak dude. If you don't have time to educate yourself and you looking for someone just to look everything up and lay the perfect program out maybe even lift the weights for you, your out of luck. The fact that you don't have time to do a little reading makes me believe you really don't want to become better physically. Do some research on your own read the articles on this site thats what the for. I'm pumped to be better too but you gotta work man any decent routine will give you good results but you have to put the effort in.
Good beginner programs.
Joe defranos west side for skinny bastards part 3

There now do some reading and come back dude. Your goals are pretty general too you need to be more specific like I'm going to lift X this many times


So... you want someone to hold your hand? If you're really dedicated then just eat big and lift heavy for a long time. Not much way around it.


u are right, but i am also looking to be exremely cut nd huge, like monster size as well. dont know if it's possible, but it's my goal(:


i might've left out some info. ive been lifting for almost two years now. ive jus been disappointed as i havent seen any noticeable gains, maybe once every two months. honestly, ive given it way too much time, like the fact im posting at this time. i spend 2-3 hours looking for information on bodybuilding on this website and bodybuilding alone. always looking for updated information, but also just hoping one day to come across the truth, with no hype at all(supplements, other w/o routines).

jus looking for the final muscle advice, i could care less if it makes the bodybuilding industry mad. honestly, im hoping someone smart enough can find the end-all be-all to building muscle and losing fat. alotta ppl can be outta jobs if this is found, but this is the way it should be. ppl should find other ways to make money besides selling half-baked supplements and conjuring up the monthly w/o routines. i also wish T-Nation would stop editing my posts and post them as i want them.


hey thanks man. would love to hear yours now that ive shared mine.


also, fuck orrin hatch. i cant believe he listened to those stupid cowboys. now supplements dont have to be regulated. i wish we could go back to the time when supplements were like prescriptions, in that they had to prove it was effective(they said safe too, but i have to face the truth that not alotta bodybuilders come out unscathed, they always come out wit problems like, joint flexibility, back injury, liver, heart as bodybuilding is intense stuff.

but i have to admit i really dont care about. those problems right now. though i know i will regret it wen im in my 50's.) in short i wish everything had to be proven somewhat true, instead of the aimless advertising i see now(there's no way to prove if anything is effective anymore. u name it, medicine, supplements, skin products, etc.)

i wish the world was a place where everyone wanted to help instead of making more money all the time. that's one reason why the econ is so bad right now. everyone's so damn selfish, dont wanna help, dont wanna give. wow vented alot, sorry, but my main point was bodybuilding could become obsolete imo if nobody wants big muscles anymore(everybody in hollywood wants to be so damn skinny. i laugh when i say this, but taylor lautner is one of the few who makes us look good.)

if bodybuilding wasnt so damn frustrating(everyone knows it's gon be hard, but it's doesnt need to be so dissappointing and confusing,) we would have a whole lot more ppl wanting to get into it, and supplements would definitely boom as only proven ones are on the market. oh well, u cant always get wat u want. dont think any of this will happen anytime soon. whew, thanks to anyone who responds.


Probably trollin, but I got some time...

x2 of stronglifts or ws4sb

If it's ws4sb, post up your exercise choices and people will help you out.

Eat AT LEAST 2grams for every lb of BW of protein daily.

Get at least 8 hours sleep.

To gain weight, eat more than you are now.

To keep BF low, don't eat shit.

And seriously, if you've got time to workout, you have time to read the articles on the site.
Unless you've got time to waste in the weights room.


lol this guy sounds like a troll to you? Do you know what that term means? http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Troll

Eat big Lift big brotha, incorporate powerlifting excerises ie, Power cleans ( barbell and dumbell) Bench, deadlifts, and squats.

Idc how much you weigh from the sounds of it not much, so eat like 250-300g of protein a day, try to get all of your carbs out in the morning. If you wanna remain cut, dont eat carbs after a certain time, like 2 or 3 or whatever. If you wanna get HUGE and CUT just bulk up on clean foods , tons of fish chicken eggs yadda yadda.


There is no truth all this routines could be the truth if you choose to do them. There is no magic routine just pick some of the suggested routines above and do them. Just pick a routine and do it and you know what that could be the truth I already gave you to good ones

Excersise that should be in the routine
Split squats
MIltary press
Chin ups
Barbell curl


You couldn't be bothered to read the Bodybuilding sticky I made?

Wherein I have posted 27 links to the advice and experience of the best on T-Nation, including newb questions and beginner training material... isn't that exactly what you were looking for?


I only scanned the wall o' text. Perhaps I would have read it if you had been more careful in typing it.

If you want to get big and strong, find big and strong people to train with, and own up to the fact that you don't know what you're doing and would like some help.

I'm not discounting the advice of zephead et al., but internet forums are a pale second to access to serious lifters in the gym.


Eat more than you think you can, sleep more, lift progressively heavier things every week. It isn't fuckin' rocket science.


I lifted weights and ate alot, after a few months I got swole. The end.


ah yes the secret! move heavy things short distances a lot of times!!!

whew, i'm thinking we should probably charge for that one


ah yes the secret! move heavy things short distances a lot of times!!!

whew, i'm thinking we should probably charge for that one
sorta. c, i guess im not really trying to look for a quick fix. im jus tired of being steered to the wrong direction. ill definitely try some of these out. it's time to write up a w/o log. will be my first time.


will try it. still def looking for some answers from CT. i dont have time to look for all this info, as im pretty sure most of us dont. during the times i did, i seems i wasted two hours of my day nd spent the rest of the later night (12-3am) looking up all this info, messing wit my sleep, my diet, everything, because i always wanted to look for more info. wat im trying to say is that i dont have the money to afford more mistakes if u get wat im sayin.

if it was as simple as clean foods, nd lift heavy, id be so big nd cut right now, but im not. i wish i could skim through the threads that CT has posted, ALL OF THEM, but T-Nation makes it a tedious process to look through any specific thread or post, unlike bodybuilding.com. all i want is advice from someone i can fully trust, with no arguments or questions unless i dont know something, someone who will help me reach my goals so that i eventually can help others. when im finished reaching my goals, i will devote time like all of the high up people to give free nd detailed advice to anyone who chooses to listen.